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National Day holiday comes to Shanghai International Energy Trading Center to adjust the proportion of crude oil varieties trading margin and the margin of ups and downs.
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SMM, 26 Sep: the Shanghai International Energy Trading Center, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Futures Exchange, issued a notice on the work arrangements during the 2018 National Day on September 25, 2018. Before and after the National Day, the proportion of the trading margin of crude oil varieties and the limit range of ups and downs shall be adjusted, and the relevant matters are as follows:

The market is closed for the weekend from 29 September (Saturday) to 30 September (Sunday). The market is closed from Monday, October 1 to Sunday, October 7.

On Monday, October 8, all futures contracts will be subject to collective bidding and continuous trading on the evening of 08 / 55 / 09 / 00.

2. If there is no unilateral market on Thursday, September 27, 2018, the proportion of trading margin from the closing date of the day and the margin of the trading margin from the next trading day will be adjusted as follows:

The trading margin ratio of crude oil futures contracts was adjusted to 10%, and the limit was adjusted to 8%.

If the above trading margin ratio, the trading margin and the current rules stipulated by the trading margin ratio, the trading margin is different, then according to the proportion of the two, the implementation of a large range.

3. After trading on Monday, October 8, 2018, from the close of the first trading day without unilateral markets, the trading margin ratio of SC1811, SC1901 and SC1902 contracts is 10%, 6% and 5.5%, respectively. The proportion of trading margin for other contracts returned to 7 per cent. Starting from the next trading day, the limit for SC1811 contracts is 8 per cent, while the limit for other contracts is back to 5 per cent.

Other matters relating to trading margin and trading limit shall be implemented in accordance with the rules for risk Control and Management of the Shanghai International Energy Trading Center.

All relevant units are requested to do a good job in risk prevention to ensure the smooth operation of the market.

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