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[SMM Analysis] rare Earth Collection and Storage Conference held Market reaction calm
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SMM7 20: this week the price of rare earth is stable and weak, praseodymium neodymium and terbium varieties have been reduced, other varieties are basically stable. Market trading atmosphere is light, downstream enthusiasm to enter the market is low, showing off-season characteristics. Recently, the market is lack of good news support, the market is weak, mining prices are strong on the oxide price constitutes a certain support.

Baotou area is affected by environmental verification, some metal plants are still closed and have not yet started. Lanthanum and cerium metal varieties were supported by reduced supply and price performance was stronger.

At present, the rare earth industry is in the off-season, the overall demand is relatively weak, the market is waiting for the emergence of relevant favorable policies, if the second half of the collection and storage work as expected, is expected to play a boost to the future market. Next week, the domestic rare earth market is expected to be stable.

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