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Review of SMM basic Metals spot Trading Day on Feb. 12
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SMM, 12 Feb:

Lead: within the day, Lun lead opened at US $2536 / ton. after opening, it opened more short, and Lun Pb fluctuated. during the period, it once jumped over the 5-day moving average, and after reaching a maximum of US $2546 / ton, short positions gradually increased, and Lun Pb threw up all its morning gains. At the same time, after entering the European session, Lun lead plummeted to around $2515 per tonne, then continued to fluctuate narrowly between 2512.5 and $2,523 per tonne, falling $17.5 per tonne, or 0.69 per cent, to $2520.5 at 18:18. Lun lead pressure on the moving average of each road, and Lun copper led the rise, night or test to re-stand on the 60-day moving average, to maintain the concussion consolidation pattern.

Within the day, the Shanghai lead main 1803 contract opened at 19165 yuan / ton, and after the opening of the market, it opened more empty and reduced. the Shanghai lead plate initially hit a high of 19185 yuan / ton, and the long-short game intensified, and the impulse energy on the multiple heads was insufficient. Lead in Shanghai made several attempts to stand on the 60-day moving average and broke through the 5-day moving average. it fluctuated at 19050 and 19,145 yuan per tonne, until near the end of the day, short positions concentrated in. lead in Shanghai reached 19010 yuan per ton, and finally closed at 19030 yuan per ton, down 50 yuan per ton. Down 0.26%. Volume decreased by 1318 hands to 41788 hands, and position by 1382 hands to 27582 hands. Shanghai lead to the end of nine, continued in the 60-day moving average near the concussion, and the upper 19200 yuan integer resistance is obvious, at night or continue the weak concussion trend.

Shanghai market Jinsha lead 19255 yuan / ton, 1803 contract water 150 yuan / ton; Mongolia 19135 yuan / ton, 1803 contract water 30 yuan / ton. As the Spring Festival approaches, only a small number of cargo holders still have quotations, upstream and downstream enterprises generally stop work, and the market has a price but no market.

Due to the approaching Spring Festival, there is no quotation in Guangdong market, Henan large refineries continue to produce, but due to logistics outage, the mainstream delivery brand has no quotation in bulk; In addition, Anhui, Hunan, Yunnan and other places are also a strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival, refineries have either closed down, or continue to produce but do not ship, the overall price is not market state.

Zinc: within the day, Lunzin opened slightly high at US $3386 / ton, oscillated upward and back to the integer level of US $3400 / ton, and consolidated at a narrow range of US $3405 / ton at the daily average bottom. the pressure on the upper 5-day line was obvious, and Lunzin fatigue appeared in the afternoon. Lost the support of the daily moving average, the center of gravity fell, near the European and American period, short homeopathic hit again, Lenzin stepped down, recorded an intraday low of $3380 / ton after a little repair, back to the $3400 / ton integer level hovering. As of 16: 34, Lunzin closed at $3385.5 a tonne, up $4, or 0.12 per cent. Although the fundamentals of Geneva zinc continue to develop well and constitute an effective support, market optimism has converged at a time when China is about to usher in the Spring Festival break, and the promotion of funds is limited, and it is difficult to break through the top five-day line. And 5, 40-day line channel gradually narrowed, night may test 40-day support. Within days, the main 1804 contract of Shanghai Zinc opened at 26115 yuan / ton, and the long and short sides were neck and neck, with an amplitude of US $40 per ton around 26100 yuan / tonne. with the continuous increase in positions and pressure from the short side, the center of gravity of Shanghai Zinc sank to around 26070 yuan / ton. The long-short game reached an impasse again. towards the end of the day, the outer market suddenly dived, and the mood of stopping losses in many ways warmed up. the Shanghai zinc plummeted one after another below the daily average and the double support of 26000 yuan / ton, closing at 25940 yuan / ton, down 180 yuan / ton. Trading volume increased by 75776 hands to 321000 hands, while position volume decreased by 6172 hands to 184000 hands. Due to the effect of the Spring Festival holiday, the funds are light for the Spring Festival, the funds in the day are mainly net outflow, and the technical form of Shanghai zinc has formed 5 consecutive negative, the operation is weak and prominent, it is expected that Shanghai zinc may continue to be weak concussion operation in the evening.

Shanghai 0 # zinc mainstream transaction in 25970 ≤ 26100 yuan / ton, 0 # ordinary brand to Shanghai zinc 1803 contract discount 70-discount 60 yuan / ton, 0 # Shuangyan to March discount 10-flat water, 60 yuan / ton higher than last Friday; 1 # rarely quoted. Smelters are mostly long single transactions, a small number of refineries are still actively clearing inventory; traders have more holidays, a small number of traders on duty, rarely trading; and downstream holidays, the market is cold, the overall volume of transactions decreased compared with last week. In the afternoon, individual traders quoted a small amount of cash for shipment at a discount of 90 or 70 yuan per ton.

Today, Guangdong 0 # zinc mainstream transactions in 25980 ≤ 26040 yuan / tonne, Guangdong city than Shanghai stock market near Pingshui, Shanghai zinc 1803 contract discount 100 ≤ 60 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday's discount is basically flat. Today, refinery shipments are normal, traders are basically closed, and there are few transactions in the market. the downstream is basically closed, real consumption is weak, and the overall transaction is further shrinking compared with yesterday. 0# Kirin, Cishan, Tiefeng, Danxia mainstream transactions in 25980 ≤ 26040 yuan / ton.

The mainstream transaction of 0 # zinc ingot in Tianjin market was 26,000 ≤ 26210 yuan / ton, the mainstream transaction of 0 # ordinary brand was 26,000 ≤ 26050 yuan / ton, and the discount to Shanghai zinc 1803 contract was about 100 × 50 yuan / ton, which was not much changed from last Friday. Today, refinery shipments are normal, zinc prices have fallen slightly, few downstream inquiries, traders are basically on holiday, market quotations are few, the market trading atmosphere has not changed significantly compared with last Friday. 0 # Zijin, Bailing, Qin Zinc, Chihong and so on sold 26,000 ≤ 26050 yuan / ton, 1 # Zijin, Chihong, Hongye, West Mine and so on traded 25950 ≤ 26,000 yuan / ton.

Tin: today Lunxi opened at $21155 a tonne, mainly in Asia near the opening price of narrow consolidation. Us crude fell below $60 for the first time in six weeks, its biggest weekly decline in the last two years, putting commodity pressure on. Inflation data from major countries are on the table this week, as will a number of ECB officials. Lunxi test 21000 US dollars / ton support strength, short-term trend is expected to be weak.

Last night, the Shanghai Tin 1805 contract maintained a low consolidation around 146600 yuan / tonne. today, it opened at 147090 yuan / tonne. the trend continued to fluctuate weakly during the day. the lowest level hit 146030 yuan / ton, and finally closed at 146340 yuan / ton, down 2220 yuan / ton from the previous day's settlement price. Down 1.49%. The transaction was 17456 hands minus 6800 hands, and the position was reduced by 22872 hands by 1294 hands. Today, most of the domestic non-ferrous metals closed down, Shanghai tin trend is weak, there is a short-term risk of further decline, in view of the approaching Spring Festival holiday, the demand for funds and caution are in the majority, the pre-festival trend is expected to be more weak shock.

Shanghai tin market, today Shanghai tin market mainstream transaction 145,000 ≤ 146,500 yuan / ton, the trading atmosphere is quiet, the vast majority of businesses have stopped quoting, began to have a holiday. Cloud tin set of goods discount 500 to flat water, ordinary cloud word sticker 1000 ≤ 1500 yuan / ton, did not smell the small card.

Nickel: today, Lunni opened empty at $13020 a tonne, the dollar fell, the center of gravity moved up to around $13115 a tonne and then turned downward, fell to $13030 a tonne to stabilise, fluctuating in the midday range of $13065 to $13,110. In the afternoon, Lenni concussion rose, Asian trading touched up $13170 / tonne, into the European session, the dollar rebounded, Lunni concussion fell to $13000 / tonne, as of 16: 15, Lunni reported at $13060 / tonne, closing at the Xiaoyang line. The daily technical index KDJ opening diverges downward, the MACD green column becomes longer, and the nocturnal Lenni may continue to vibrate and adjust. The evening macro figures were light.

Today, Shanghai Nickel 1805 opened at 99140 yuan / tonne, the US dollar concussion weakened, opened Shanghai Nickel straight up, the center of gravity in the vicinity of 99820 yuan / ton concussion, near noon fell back to around 99500 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, Shanghai nickel strong shock, the end of the day touched 100290 yuan / ton, closing at 99820 yuan / ton. All day, Shanghai nickel main contract 1805 closed in the lower shadow of the longer Xiaoyang line, compared with the previous trading day settlement price fell 300 yuan / ton, down 0.3%. Volume decreased by 625000 to 591000, while position increased by 11000 to 454000. The technical index of the daily line KDJ diverges downward, the MACD green column becomes longer, the inflow of funds within the day is 126 million yuan, and the night is concerned about whether the 40-day line can be stabilized.

SMM 1 # electrolytic nickel 98950 ≤ 99500 yuan / ton. Russian nickel than Wuxi main 1803 contract discount about 200 yuan / ton, Jinchuan nickel rising water about 200 yuan / ton, today Jinchuan company electrolytic nickel (plate) Shanghai quotation 99000 yuan / ton. The market Spring Festival holiday atmosphere is strong, the morning market activity is poor, the transaction is very few, the morning transaction interval 98700 ≤ 99,500 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, the market was still in the doldrums, with a trading range of 98650 million yuan per ton in the afternoon.

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