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Review of SMM basic Metals spot Trading Day on January 19
Jan 19,2018 19:34CST
Review of SMM basic Metals spot Trading Day on January 19
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SMM, 19 Jan / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /:

Guangdong market sands 19465 yuan / ton, for 1802 contract water 30 yuan / ton, Yunxi, Jingui 19285 yuan / ton, 1802 contract discount 150 yuan / ton. The supply of goods held by the merchant increased, the quotation went with the market, the downstream inquiry decreased, and the overall trading was not as good as yesterday. Henan Refinery bulk single supply is generally out of stock, Jiyuan again received a red warning notice of heavy pollution weather today, refinery production restriction impact of the high probability will continue, Lingbao Refinery crude lead system completely stopped, only the remaining part of electrolytic production for long single. Other refineries have a small number of loose orders, but more local digestion. Today Yongning gold and lead a small amount of bulk single 19275 yuan / ton, according to the SMM1# lead average price discount 19275 yuan / ton quotation. Anhui copper crown lead 19450 ≤ 19,500 yuan / ton, the average price of SMM1# lead 75 ≤ 125 yuan / ton, Hunan Yuteng 19375 yuan / ton, SMM1# lead average price flat water quotation, Zhongde 19325 yuan / ton, SMM1# lead average price 50 yuan / ton. Refinery bulk single supply tightened, quotation discount continues to narrow, downstream inquiry is OK, but wait-and-see mood is strong, the actual recipient is slightly less, the overall market trading is general.

Zinc: today, the Lunzin high jump opened at US $3385 / ton. the bullish mood did not cool. at the beginning of the session, it was deliberately measured at US $3400 / tonne. it was still blocked along the lower edge and fell back below the daily average to run within the range of US $3384 ≤ US $3389. In the afternoon, the RMB continued to appreciate, the US index fell unabated, the funds took advantage of the opportunity to increase the size, Lun Zn station on the 3400 US dollars / ton, there is still continued to measure kinetic energy. As of 16: 42, Lunzin closed up $3403, or $28, or 0.83 per cent. Geneva zinc out of yesterday's high finishing momentum, and then step on the 10-day line, and break the 5-day line pressure, the current LME zinc inventory continues to decline, constitute a strong support, it is expected that the evening zinc or in the vicinity of $3400 / ton strong operation.

Today, the main 1803 contract of Shanghai Zinc opened at 25975 yuan / tonne. at the beginning of the session, long positions increased, pushing the center of gravity of Shanghai Zinc up to 26365 yuan / ton for collation and operation. it could not be maintained, and short positions put pressure on Shanghai Zinc to slide below the daily average of 25970 yuan / ton for operation. Afternoon macro warm drive, basic metals rose, Shanghai zinc recovered most of the decline, the end of the next city, straight line pull up 26130 yuan / ton. At the end of the day, it rose to 26100 yuan per ton, up 105 yuan per ton, or 0.4 percent, with trading volume down 28850 hands to 309000 hands and position down 6876 hands to 226000 hands. Within the day, Shanghai zinc operation ups and downs, the overall center of gravity position is still maintained at 26000 yuan / ton, recorded a long shadow column below the 20-day line support, while the macro side of the appreciation of the renminbi is like bamboo, Shanghai zinc evening or strong concussion operation.

Shanghai 0 # zinc mainstream traded at 25910 ≤ 26080 yuan / ton, 0 # ordinary brand to Shanghai zinc 1802 contract discount 50-40 yuan / ton, basically flat compared with yesterday's quotation, 0 # Shuangyan to February water 50-60 yuan / ton, 1 # mainstream transactions in the vicinity of 25880 ≤ 25,940 yuan / ton. Smelters cherish the sale; the first trading period because of long single execution reasons, traders actively traded, the transaction is better; the second trading period zinc prices fell and the rise in water did not improve, cargo holders are not good willingness to ship, mainly to receive goods, the transaction turned light. However, the willingness to purchase downstream has not improved, only to maintain rigid demand procurement, the overall volume of transactions is basically flat compared with yesterday.

Today, Guangdong 0 # zinc mainstream transactions in 25940 ≤ 25,980 yuan / ton, Guangdong City than the Shanghai market rising water about 40 yuan / ton, Shanghai zinc main 1803 from yesterday flat water to rising water 20 yuan / ton narrowed to about 10 yuan / ton discount. Today, zinc prices fell slightly compared with yesterday, refinery shipments are normal, trade to receive and deliver long orders, less shippers. Downstream to maintain rigid demand, the willingness to take goods is not good, the market transaction is not warm, the market as a whole transactions than yesterday slightly weakened. 0# Kirin, Cishan, Tiefeng, Danxia mainstream transactions in 25940 ≤ 25,980 yuan / ton.

The mainstream transaction of 0 # zinc ingot in Tianjin market was 25740 ≤ 26210 yuan / ton, the mainstream transaction of 0 # ordinary brand was 25740 ≤ 25,880 yuan / ton, the discount to Shanghai zinc 1802 contract was expanded by 240 yuan / ton from 180 yuan / ton yesterday, and purple gold arrived less. The offer is still firm. In the intra-day Shanghai period, the center of gravity moved down slightly, and the center of gravity revolved around 25950 yuan / ton. Today, the refinery to long single delivery, less bulk single delivery, downstream willingness to take goods is flat, the volume of market transactions decreased compared with yesterday, the market transaction boom is not good, the overall transaction is not as good as yesterday. 0 # Zijin, Bailing, Hongye, Qin Zinc and so on traded 25740 ≤ 25,880 yuan / ton, 1 # Zijin, Chihong, Hongye and so on traded 25700 ≤ 25800 yuan / ton.

Tin: Lunxi opened at $20460 a tonne today, with Asia continuing its rally of $20545 a tonne. Markets worried about the risk of a government shutdown, U. S. stocks fell off record highs. Fed officials supported a reaffirmation of the 2 per cent inflation target, hinting that interest rates could rise in March and are expected to raise rates three times this year. The dollar remains weak to support Lunxi's trend, focusing on whether Lunxi can break through resistance of $20500 per tonne, and if it breaks through, the next target is $21000 per tonne.

Last night Shanghai tin 1805 contract most of the time in 144000 yuan / ton below the narrow consolidation; At the beginning of trading today, it opened at 143830 yuan / tonne. at the beginning of the session, it quickly jumped to around 144700 yuan / tonne. after that, although it fell back for a short time, it quickly regrouped kinetic energy and continued to pull up under the bullish concentrated increase, reaching a maximum of 146090 yuan / ton at the end of the session. The final closing price was 146050 yuan per ton, up 1630 yuan, or 1.13 percent, from the previous day's settlement price. Transactions increased by 21040 hands by 6846 hands, and positions by 18632 hands by 554 hands. Shanghai tin performance today is strong, evening is expected to continue the rally, trying to break through 147000 yuan / ton resistance level.

Shanghai tin market, this morning Shanghai tin market mainstream transaction 143,000 ≤ 144,000 yuan / ton, the transaction atmosphere is OK, there is a certain pre-festival stock demand. Cloud tin set of goods to 1805 contract discount 500 yuan / ton, mainstream 144000 yuan / ton; ordinary cloud word discount about 700 yuan / ton, small brand 143000 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, with the strong rise in the disk, the mainstream spot price rose to 144,000 ≤ 145,500 yuan / ton, the market discount range remained basically stable.

Nickel: today, Lunni opened at US $12480 / tonne, diving straight after a small upward dive in the morning, down US $12360 / tonne to stabilise, and the center of gravity of Lenny Nickel fluctuated around US $12410 at noon. In the afternoon, the center of gravity of Lun nickel gradually moved upward, and in the period of entering Europe, the center of gravity of Lun nickel rose by 12750 US dollars per ton. As of 18: 40, Lenny closed at $12685 a tonne, closing at Xiaoyang, with physical intervals passing through multiple averages. The daily technical index KDJ opens upward, the MACD green column becomes shorter, and the nocturnal Lenni may maintain a concussion situation. Late at night, focus on the initial consumer confidence index at the University of Michigan in January.

Today, Shanghai Nickel 1805 opened at 97060 yuan / ton. at the beginning of the plate, the daily average of Shanghai nickel pressure fluctuated, then dived straight down, the center of gravity fell to 96000 yuan / ton to stabilize, hitting a low of 95700 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, Shanghai nickel turned upward and recovered some of its decline, closing at 96830 yuan / ton. All day, the Shanghai nickel main contract 1805 closed in the lower shadow line longer small shade star. The settlement price fell 190 yuan, or 0.20%, from the previous session. Volume increased by 208000 to 792000, while position decreased by 21000 to 451000. Daily technical indicators KDJ opening downward divergence, MACD green column expansion, night or continue to test and adjust.

SMM 1 # electrolytic nickel 95300 × 96550 yuan / ton. Russian nickel than Wuxi main 1802 contract discount 100 ≤ 200 yuan / ton, Jinchuan nickel water 250 ≤ 350 yuan / tonne, today Jinchuan company electrolytic nickel (plate) Shanghai quotation 95900 yuan / ton. Nickel prices plunged in the morning, downstream steel mills and other enterprises to buy at low prices, the market transaction is more active than yesterday, the morning mainstream transaction interval 95100 ≤ 95900 yuan / ton. Nickel prices picked up in the afternoon, market transactions turned weaker than in the morning. In the afternoon, the mainstream trading range was 95250 ≤ 96050 yuan / ton. The activity of transactions in the market throughout the day is better than that of yesterday.

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