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Trading volumes increase by 41 % as DGCX celebrates 10th anniversary
Dec 11,2015 09:34CST
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Stellar volumes proved to be indicative of the Exchange's success over the past decade.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES December 10 2015 8:05 AM     

DUBAI (Scrap Register):  As the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) celebrated its 10th  anniversary on 21st November, stellar volumes proved to be indicative of the  Exchange's success over the past decade.

The exchange recorded an  overall monthly volume growth of 41% vs Nov 2014 and an incremental growth of  23% in volumes on Year-on-year basis. Strong Open Interest and diversified  growth across its asset classes has contributed to this month's success with  average daily open interest steadying at 96,011 contracts.

The  newly launched 100 barrel WTI Mini contract has created significant traction and  resulted in number of records for the contract, as both daily volumes (Increased  by 95%) and open interest continued to grow and was up 108% month on month.  Indian Rupee Options has continued to draw appeal from the market participants  and is reflective in growth of 84% vs. Oct 2015.

November results continue to support DGCX's firm standing as the  leading derivatives exchange in the Middle East. Responsible for creating a host  of major milestones for the region, the Exchange began offering trading  opportunities to financial communities and investment houses in both the Middle  East and around the globe upon inception in 2005. It set the bar high when it  launched the first precious metals derivatives contract in Gold in the same  year, followed by the first emerging markets currency derivatives contracts in  2007 with the launch of the Indian rupee futures contract.

Product  innovation is central to DGCX's strategy and it is along these lines that the  exchange is scheduled to launch Spot Gold contract on 14th of December and also  Chinese Yuan Futures on the 18th of December that will provide access to the  Renminbi market for DGCX participants. With such projects accomplished and other  promising ones in the pipeline, DGCX has truly positioned itself as a global  trading powerhouse, contributing to UAE's economic development in its ten years  of existence.


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