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Sims Recycling Solutions decides not to renew e-Stewards licensing of US facilities
Aug 17,2015 09:59CST
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Illinois-based Sims Recycling Solutions Inc., (SRS) will not renew the e-Stewards licensing agreement and certification of its US facilities.

By  Paul Ploumis 14 Aug 2015  Last updated at  10:22:43 GMT

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster):  Chicago, Illinois-based Sims Recycling Solutions Inc. (SRS) has decided not to renew the e-Stewards certification and licensing agreement of its US-based facilities. The decision will be applicable to current certifications that expire hereafter. According to the company, it had arrived at the decision after conducting detailed review of the benefits and costs involved in the e-Stewards certification program.

The news release issued by the company states that it maintains rigorous internal control mechanisms at all facilities in order to ensure that high operating standards are maintained. In addition, the company’s operating mechanisms undergo regular and strict recycler audits by corporate clients.

SRS intends to focus more on data security techniques and asset recovery modules. The certification resources will be redirected to further enhance the data destruction, data recovery and secure information management activities.

Meantime, Steve Skurnac, Global President, SRS assured that the company will continue to extend its support to the efforts carried out by Basel Action Network (BAN) in controlling illegal trade of electronic scrap. Also, the company’s processing and recycling operations will continue to ensure highest industry standards, in compliance with global trade principles.

SRS is the world's largest electrical and electronics recovery and recycling company.The company has operations in 50 locations on five continents. They are part of the global recycler, Sims Metal Management Limited (formerly Sims Group). Sims Recycling Solutions offers repair, refurbishment and recycling services for electronic and electrical goods, such as computers, laptops, televisions, monitors and mobile devices. From the recycling process Sims recovers materials such as precious metals, metals, plastic and glass.

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