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MEPS sees Chinese Steel exports to hit 70 million tons in 2014
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May 13,2014

CHINA May 13 2014 10:17 AM

SHANGHAI (Scrap Register): According to Chinese customs, total steel exports in March reached 6.76 million tons. The figure for the first quarter of this year was 17.3 million tons. If the daily rate of steel exports, during the first quarter of 2014, continues for the whole of the year the total will be close to 70 million tons – an all-time high tonnage, said MEPS International.

According to MEPS, this would represent 8.3 percent of all the rolled steel output in the country. Such a proportion has not been reported since 2007.

To put this figure into context, only three other countries - Japan, United States and India - have steel industries which, currently, produce more finished steel products than the export sales from the Chinese steel sector.

However, the situation is not all bad. Low-cost Chinese exports are often seen as detrimental to the manufacturers in the industrialised nations of the world. However, the same exports have been a major factor in the rapid development of many newly emerging Asian countries.

Competitively priced flat steel products from China have enabled many new industries to be set up – particularly in South East Asia. These are providing employment in manufacturing and assembling components which are subsequently supplied to both western and eastern corporations.


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