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Global Steel scrap consumption remains unchanged at 570MMT in 2012: BIR
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Oct 11,2013

UNITED STATES October 10 2013 4:44 PM

NEW YORK (Scrap Register): Global Steel scrap consumption remain unchanged at 570 million metric tons (MMT) in 2012, as per the latest survey released by the Bureau of International Recycling.

Meanwhile, the world's crude steel production totaled 1,547 million tons in calendar 2012, up 1.2% from the year before. As a result, the ratio of the world's ferrous scrap consumption to its crude steel production stood at 36.8% in calendar 2012, down 0.5% from the previous year.

Among the world's leading nations and areas, ferrous scrap consumption for steelmaking in calendar 2012 totaled 94.1 million tonnes in the EU27 nations, down 6.0% from a year ago; 79.8 million tonnes in China, down 12.3%; 61.7 million tons in the USA, up 9.4%; 35.5 million tonne in Japan, down 4.6%; 32.4 million tonnes in Turkey, up 5.1%; and 20.1 million tonne in Russia, down 4.4%.

Of the EU27 nations' total consumption, Italy accounted for the largest quantity of 20,845,000 tonne, down 5.8% from a year ago; Germany the second largest of 19,152,000 tonne, down 3.2%; Spain the third largest of 11,392,000 tonne, down 13.2%; France the fourth largest of 8,326,000 tonne, down 4.8%; and Poland the fifth largest of 5,619,000 tonne, down 5.9%.


Bureau of International Recycling
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