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China Makes Breakthroughs on Isoprene Rubber Tire Utilization
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SHANGHAI, Apr. 22 (SMM) – With the production technology innovated by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), Shandong Shenchi Petrochemical Company made great strides on tire utilization. The company used 50% rare earth isoprene rubber in steel TBR tire instead of natural rubber.

The rare earth isoprene rubber used in the trial production is a new technology product developed by the high-performance synthetic rubber engineering technology center with the CIAC. China Rubber Industry Association Testing Center confirmed the product has the same vulcanization rate with natural rubber, helping raise the substitution rate of isoprene rubber for natural rubber, higher basic performance than overseas products, and is isoprene rubber most similar to natural rubber.

The trial production of tire with 50% isoprene rubber substitute for natural rubber widened rare earth isoprene rubber market, and has significant meaning for accelerating domestic rare earth isoprene rubber production technology improvement and capacity growth, resolving domestic natural rubber shortfalls and increasing domestic self-sufficiency rate of strategic resources. (Edited by SMM)


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