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Guangxi Approves Three Bauxite Prospecting Surveys
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Apr 16,2013

SHANGHAI, Apr. 16 (SMM) – Guangxi’s Land and Resources Office recently approved three bauxite prospecting projects in its jurisdiction: trihydrate bauxite in Dingdun Village, Long’an County (general survey), bauxite in Maling Township, Hengxian County (detailed survey), and bauxite in Changzhai Village, Hengxian County (detailed survey), covering a total area of 193 km2.  

Guangxi is China’s major alumina producing region as well as bauxite-rich province, where16 million mt of bauxite is needed each year to meet demand from 8 million mt/yr alumina capacity. Guangxi’s mineral prospecting department will continue to step up exploitation of local bauxite to ensure stable alumina supply for local producers.  

Back in September 2012, Guangxi’s Land and Resources Office also gave the green light to general survey of bauxite in Guigang City’s Dengbao Village and prospecting survey of bauxite in Tianyang County’s Qiaoye Village, involving 70 km2 in total.  


Guangxi's bauxite surveys
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