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Viewpoints from Boao Forum for Asia
Apr 8,2013 18:30CST
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Xi Jinping: China's imports will reach USD 10 trillion in the following five years, with investments overseas of USD 500 billion.

SHANGHAI, Apr. 8 (SMM) -

Xi Jinping: China's imports will reach USD 10 trillion in the following five years, with investments overseas of USD 500 billion.
Xi Jinping: Asia plays an important role in boosting global economic growth.
Xi Jinping: China is still faced with difficulties, and should stick to reform and opening-up policy.
Zhang Xiaoqiang: China will simplify approvals of investments projects for over 60 categories of enterprises.
Chi Fulin: The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party will release plans for reform.
Director of the NDRC: China is now making plans for new type urbanization.
Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman: Russia's customs tariffs will be lowered to 6%.

Expert: A new round of financial crisis is expected to take place in the mid-to-short term.
Hu Zuliu: A debt crisis will likely take place in China.
Xiang Huaicheng: China's government debt exceeds RMB 30 trillion, but the debt ratio is not high.
Xiang Huaicheng: China's local debts are not put on the table.
Xiangbing: 70% of China's GDP is contributed from trade.
Chi Fulin: Bonus paid by SOEs to the central government should be raised to 25%.
Feng Lun: SOEs dominate over 50% of loans.
Bao Yujun: All enterprises with capacity surplus are SOEs.
Bao Yujun: Private enterprises will be major contributors to fixed assets investments in five to ten years.
Lin Yifu: Investments, rather than consumption, will be major forced driving China's economy.
Zhang Weiying: Market players should jump from a building for suicide once failing for investments.
Zhang Weiying: Government should loosen regulations for private investments.
Zhang Weiying: China implemented no economic reform in the past 10 years.
Entrepreneurs suggest to call private and foreign enterprises Chinese enterprises, and tax them under uniform conditions.
Phelps: Sharp GDP declines will lead to turmoil in China.
Wei Jianguo: Japan's quantitative easing policy will harm itself and global economy.
Lu Boqing: The NDRC should not be the one taking all the blame, and industrial development needs directions.
Zhang Yuyan: China's foreign exchange reserves will decrease due to quantitative easing policies by western countries.
Moody's Senior Executive: US economy recovers slowly, but outlook is not pessimistic.
Peruvian President: Peru welcomes Chinese enterprises to explore infrastructure construction.
Former President of National Energy Administration: electricity prices are partially decided by political factors.
Trina Solar targets to reverse losses in 2H 2013.
Ba Shusong: Lowering restrictions for small loans can help reduce illegal financing.
95% of small and mini enterprises cannot receive bank loans.
Mini enterprises reported bank loan costs for them are the highest.
Over 30% small and mini enterprises report sliding profits.
Lin Yifu: Risks for private enterprises are too high to construct high speed railways.
Pan Shiqi: House prices in March were pushed up deliberately.
Pan Shiqi: China's property bubble will be absorbed in three to five years.
Pan Shiqi: China should lower commodity taxes while raise property taxes and house taxes.
Ren Zhiqiang: House prices will not fall.
Electricite De France CFO: More deposit capital will flow into property sector in China.


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