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Japan's High Concentration Rare Earth Reserves 10 Times More Than China's
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Apr 7,2013

SHANGHAI, Apr. 7 (SMM) – The joint study group of Yamaguchi University, Ehime University and University of Tokyo released a report on April 2nd saying they had discovered a new mineral that contains rare earth.

Japan is confirmed to have massive high concentration rare earth reserves in seas around Minami-Tori Shima. Japan believes these resources will not run out in 230 years, and the grade of rare earth is about 20 times higher than China's.

Japan has been importing rare earth from China, while China supplies 90% rare earth to the world. But the situation may change. Japan's rare earth reserves is 10 times more than China's, which can be used for hundreds of years. According to Lin Boqiang, Director of Energy Economy Research Center of Xiamen University, the discovery in Japan is in line with China implementing rare earth export quotas. (Edited by SMM)

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