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Fujian to Close 118 Mines in 2013, Henan to Collect Payments on Industrial Project Emission Rights
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Jan 19,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 18 (SMM) –The website carefully selects major Chinese news for you.

Heavy Air Pollution Accelerates Rectification on Environmental Protection
As of January 17, 225 electroplating enterprises in Ningbo have been listed into the scope of rectification, Harbin will relocate or rebuild around 530 heavily polluting enterprises to cut PM2.5 levels, Jiangxi will shut down 903 mines and eliminate outdated capacity at 112 enterprises, Hebei will close 1,100 mines, Changchun has restricted or suspended emission of 29 enterprises, and Henan will demolish 113 enterprises with backward capacity…The number of enterprises being closed down in the past 16 days of 2013 surpassed that in several months in 2012. Severe air pollution has propelled local governments to accelerate rectification on environmental protection while introducing a lot of related rules and regulations. This can help entice large scale investments in the environmental protection industry.

"Copper Washing Industry" in Yongping Town, Shangrao City
Large copper mines entered Yongping town, Qianshan county, Shangrao city and formed a big copper dump. After a few decades, waste water leaking from the dump created "copper washing industry". Sponge copper (Cu 80-90%) can be obtained after immersing iron scraps into the waste water, and some local people take this to earn a living with profits reaching 1 to 2 million yuan each year.

Fujian to Close at Least 118 Metal and Nonmetal Mines in 2013
It was reported that Fujian municipal government held a press conference on safe production January 16 morning. Journalist learnt that Fujian province will close at least 118 metal and nonmetal mines in 2013 after shutting down 133 such mines in 2012. 

Henan to Collect Payments on Industrial Project Emission Rights from 2013
Henan will collect payments for emission rights for newly built industrial projects starting from 2013. Meanwhile, the province will strengthen prevention and control of air pollution, and at the same time make collaborative control on a variety of pollutants in major regions. 

RMB 12 Billion Investment in Hangzhou Clean Energy Industry
China Huadian Corporation will invest more than RMB 12 billion in Hangzhou to set up the clean energy project during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Hangzhou municipal government December 26 formally signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Huadian Corporation, marking its cooperation with China's large power generation enterprise.


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