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28 Enterprises in Changchun Ordered to Restrict or Halt Emission, Liangshan Mining Company to Build Tailing Dam
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Jan 18,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 18 (SMM) –The website carefully selects major Chinese news for you.

Jinan Government Issues Concrete Measures on Air Pollution
Jinan municipal government convened an emergency meeting to tackle recent severe air pollution issue on January 15 morning, and put forward eight concrete measures.

Shanxi Province Promotes Ecological Civilization Construction
The 18th National Congress Report pointed out that China should put ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, and blend it with economic, political, cultural, and social construction in all aspects and during all process. This indicates directions for the ongoing transformation of the development of Shanxi province which will vigorously promote the implementation of National Resources Based Economic Transformation Synthetically Reform Testing Plan. How to grasp the big opportunity of acting as a resources based economic transformation synthetically reform testing district, play the role of acting and testing first, promote the establishment and perfection of the compensation mechanism of ecological environment, and promote harmonious development of economy and society is the main task for this province to increase the ability of sustainable development of economy and society as well as comprehensive strength, and the actual requirement of the 18th National Congress spirit.

28 Enterprises in Changchun Ordered to Restrict or Halt Emission   
China's middle and east regions were shrouded with big frog in recent days, and the air quality in Changchun city has been falling since January 10. The municipal environmental protection bureau promptly started the Emergency Response Measures on Severe Air Pollution to protect people's heath. As of January 15, 15 enterprises had been ordered to conduct rectification and 28 enterprises were forced to restrict or halt emission.

Liangshan Mining Company to Build Tailing Dam with RMB 134.54 million
According to sources from Sichuan's environmental protection bureau, Liangshan Mining Company plans to build a tailing dam with a final height of 1726.0 meters, storage capacity of 15.86 million cubic meters, and a service life of 12.9 years. With total investment of around RMB 134.54 million, environmental protection investment is RMB 17.57 million, 13.06% of the total investment.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry Can Boost Economic Growth 
The energy saving and environmental protection industry refers to industry providing material base and technical support for conservation of energy resources, development of circular economy, and protection of ecological environment, and is one of the 7 strategic emerging industries that the government accelerates fostering and developing. Involving with energy saving and environmental protection technical equipments, this industry chain is long and has high ability of creating jobs, which can significantly boost economic growth.  

China 5th Batch of Checking and File-Recording of Energy Saving Service Enterprises
China has formally commissioned the 5th batch of the checking and file-recording of energy saving service enterprises early January, and these enterprises can gain state subsidies. Municipal NDRC January 15 suggested that enterprises qualified should grasp the opportunity to make application. 



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