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Severe Air Pollution in Beijing, Hunan Saves 29.4 Million Mt of Standard Coal
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Jan 17,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 17 (SMM) – The website carefully selects major Chinese news for you.

Severe Air Pollution in Beijing
The Beijing municipal meteorological station issued the city’s first orange fog warning Sunday morning, and levels of PM2.5 passed 300 micrograms per cubic meter in most cities as of 0 am Tuesday, well above the 75 micrograms per cubic meter set by the new national standard. 

Beijing’s air pollution has reached dangerous levels for five consecutive days, and a report jointly released by an environmental group Green Peace and School of Public Health, Peking University pointed out that Beijing’s air pollution level at present is similar to that in London 60 years ago, and that it needs 20 years to fix it.

Hunan Achieves Good Results in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Hunan province has stepped up efforts in eliminating outdated capacity in recent years and made prominent achievement in emission reduction. Ouyang Biao, Deputy Director of Hunan provincial NDRC said in the interview that 1,189 projects have completed obsolete capacity elimination tasks since the 11th Five-Year Plan period, and more than 4,000 kinds of high efficiency motor products have been listed in the scope of the national promotion. The whole province has saved more than 29.4 million mt of standard coal and supports the average 14% of economic growth at a yearly average energy consumption growth rate of 8.8%.     

Zuoshui County Overfulfils Emission Reduction Target
Zuoshui County of Shaanxi province has strengthened efforts in energy saving and emission reduction. As of late June 2012, the county reduced SO2 by 220.5 mt or 2.1%, nitrogen oxides by 40 mt or 5.3%, chemical oxygen demand by 288 mt or 10.58%, and ammonia nitrogen by 12.6 mt or 4.1%, all overfulfiling energy saving and emission reduction targets.

Jiujiang Promotes Emission Reduction Work Stably
According to sources from the Environmental Protection Bureau of Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, the city has been making stable progress on emission reduction work. Up to now, the city has slashed chemical oxygen demand by 1.1% from 2011, and ammonia nitrogen by 1% from 2011. But total amount of SO2 and nitrogen oxide emission remains flat with 2011. Besides, the city formulates annual emission reduction plan and confirms 97 projects. Of the 4 key state projects, the city has completed 2, and of the 19 key provincial projects, the city has finished 13.

10 mt Crude Oil Leaks into Nanxi River
A crude oil leak occurred at 3:40 pm on January 13 in an oil pipe in Zhanjiang's Mazhang district, Guangdong province, and the pine is owned by Maoming Petrochemical. Around 10 mt crude oil leaked into the Nanxi River. But crude oil pipeline valves have been closed at present and the leak has been under control. Drinking water in the city is not contaminated. 


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