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33 Chinese Cities Shrouded in Thick Smog, 54 Enterprises in Beijing Reduce Emission by 30%
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Jan 16,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 15 (SMM) – The website carefully selects major Chinese news for you.

Air Quality for Major Chinese Cities Released
China's Ministry of Environmental Protection released air quality for major cities on January 12. Shijiazhuang was reported with the highest air pollution index (API), Handan came the second, Baoding the third, Tangshan the fourth, Tianjin the fifth, Zhengzhou the sixth, Jinan the seventh, Qinhuangdao the eighth, Jining the ninth, and Urumqi and Wuhan both the tenth.

33 Cities Shrouded in Thick Smog, High Energy-Consuming and High-Polluting Enterprises May Suffer
Beijing's air pollution reached dangerous levels for three consecutive days and thus issued the city's first orange fog warning. As of January 13, air of 33 Chinese cities suffered severe pollution, and what's wrong with the air of Beijing and other Chinese cities?

“The development of high energy-consuming and high-polluting enterprises is likely to be negatively affected, as related department may take this as an opportunity to reach and formulate plans to control or transfer high energy-consuming and high-polluting industries to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode”, said Wang Shi, an analyst for coal industry at Northeast Securities.

Inner Mongolia Reports Emission Reduction Results
Inner Mongolia Environmental Protection Bureau released emission reduction result January 10 evening, with overall targets falling.

Inner Mongolia arranged 791 gas and water emission reduction projects in 2012 and gave high priority to denitrification in agricultural sources and thermal power industries. The autonomous region also stepped up efforts in emission reduction in steel and cement industries and accelerated elimination on outdated capacities.

Energy Efficiency Investment Needs RMB 1.2358 Trillion during 12th Five-Year Plan Period
Climate Policy Initiative at Tsinghua University released the China Low-Carbon Development Report 2013 in Beijing January 10, saying that China's energy efficiency investment demand amounts to around RMB 1.2358 trillion during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, with a funding gap of RMB 413.4 billion. 

China Announces to Formally Join International Renewable Energy Agency in 2013
Chinese delegation announced on January 13 at the third meeting of International Renewable Energy Agency that China will formally join the International Renewable Energy Agency in 2013 and promote establishment of global renewable energy markets through strengthening cooperation among states on energy utilization technologies. 

The meeting was held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on January 13, and Chinese delegation attended the meeting as observer.

54 Enterprises in Beijing Reduce Emission by 30%, 28 Enterprises Halt Earth-Rock Operations
Beijing's 13 government functional departments and all counties began implementing emission reduction measures. According to the municipal environmental protection bureau, 54 enterprises in Beijing have reduced emission by 30%, and 28 enterprises have halted earth-rock operations.



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