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Emission Reduction Target Set for Nonferrous Metals
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Jan 14,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 14 (SMM) – Last week, the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) released the Measure Addressing Climate Change for Industrial Sector 2012-2013 jointly developed by the MIIT, the National Development & Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science Technology, and the Ministry, setting emission reduction target for China’s nonferrous metals industry.

According to the Measure, by 2015, the unit carbon dioxide emission for industrial output should be 21% lower than 2010. Specifically, unit carbon dioxide emission for industrial output in iron and steel, petrochemical, chemical, construction materials, machinery, and electronic information sectors should be down at least 18%, 18%, 18%, 17%, 18%, 22%, and 18%, respectively by 2015 compared with 2010. Emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, HFCs, perfluorocarbon, and sulfur hexafluoride, should be controlled effectively. Besides, a series of low-carbon industrial parks and enterprises will be established to help develop low-carbon technology and promote low-carbon products. Monitoring system should be established for measuring greenhouse gas emission at major energy consuming enterprises.

Emission Reduction Policy Pushes Industry Consolidation
The first phase of Jiangsu Zhongshan Chemicals’s relocation project was completed December 3, and its old plant located in Yanziji stopped production on December 29, signifying that most chemical enterprises in Nanjing have been relocated to suburb area from its main city.

Nanjing to Map out Distribution of Waste Stripmines
Nanjing government promised to introduce heavy-handed policy to improve the city’s environment and planned to map out the distribution of waste stripmines in the city to turn these waste mines back to green.

NEA: PV Power Generation Set to Hit 10 mln KW in 2013
National Energy Administration recently announced to promote development and utilization of nonconventional resources including shale and to increase PV power generation to 10 million KW this year.

53 Energy Consumption Quotas Issued in 2012
According to the 53 energy consumption quotas, three criteria concerning water conservation, and a series of major criteria for environmentally friendly production technologies were issued last year to help promoted energy saving and emission reduction works.


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