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China Pb July Output Data Analysis
Aug 29,2011 12:00CST
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SMM exclusive analysis of Pb output in July.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 29 (SMM) –
Lead Concentrate
According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA), China’s output of lead concentrate was 195.3 kt in July, down 13.76% on a monthly basis. YTD output through July reached 1.19 million mt, up 20.34% YoY.

By region, output of lead concentrate during July in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces was down MoM. Declines in output were significant in Sichuan province, with July output down to 26.5 kt from June’s 43.9 kt, a decline of 33% MoM. Output declines in Yunnan and Hunan provinces also fell more than 10% on a monthly basis. Falling output in Yunnan was due mainly to environmental protection inspections at local ore producers. The ongoing drought in Hunan province restricted output at some ore producers, while other industry integration activity also had a negative impact on production, with output of lead concentrate during July in Hunan province down 3,382 mt MoM 

Rising domestic lead prices in July had only a limited impact on domestic ore production, so declines in lead concentrate output were due largely to environmental protection inspections, industrial integration, and weather conditions.

Refined Lead 
According to CNIA, China’s output of refined lead was 347.2 kt in July, down 13.74% MoM, and in line with SMM’s survey results in July from domestic lead smelters. YTD output through July was 2.54 million mt, up 17.6% YoY.

Output of refined lead during July in Henan and Hunan provinces, two major production regions in China, was 96 kt and 89 kt, respectively, down 13.86% and 5.92% MoM. Falling output in Henan was due mainly to environmental protection inspections, while operating rates at selected lead smelters in Hunan fell in July due to unit maintenance.

Output of secondary lead rose during July in Anhui province as lead prices moved higher, reaching 45 kt, up 22.9% MoM. Output of refined lead in Yunnan province was 34 kt, down 9,029 mt from June, and falling output was also due mainly to supply shortages of lead concentrate from the local strict environmental protection inspections. Production in other regions was generally stable. 


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