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[Pb] CBI Survey - Different Operating Rates at Domestic Lead Smelters
Dec 7,2009 13:16CST
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SHANGHAI, Jan. 19 (CBI China) -- A recent CBI survey of 27 domestic major primary lead smelters (total capacity: 2.385 million mt/yr) revealed the following insights: 

    The operating rates at 27 domestic major primary lead smelters increased 2% MoM, attributing to the large-size smelter with the capacity of over 100 kt/yr.

    CBI believes, domestic lead prices rebounded during December, with prices fluctuations in the RMB 8,500-11,000/mt range, and up as much as RMB 1,700/mt within two trading days, and down as much as RMB 1,500/mt within three trading days. In this context, some medium and small-size smelters were forced to suspend production, and  some medium-size smelters who were barely maintaining production began to cut or suspend production, leading to declining operating rates.  While operating rates at large smelters increased due to the stable supply, strong risk resistance, and resumption of demand.


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