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[Al] Aluminum Products Producers in Shandong: No Peak Season This Winter
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Nov. 5 (CBI China) -- In Shandong Province, October and November are traditional peak season for aluminum products consumption.  CBI learned from local aluminum products producers that, there was no longer peak season for aluminum products consumption this year, and sluggish demand triggered by economic crisis had only just begun.  Near the end of the year, demand for aluminum products increased as a number of real estate projects were close to completion, however, people did not witness the traditional peak season for aluminum consumption this winter.  Apart from few producers declared a certain number of orders increased (but far less than that in previous years), most producers experienced the consequence brought by weak demand day by day.  CBI believes the cold winter for aluminum products production is approaching, short-term outlook is not optimistic.


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