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Yunnan Copper's New One Hundred Thousand MT Smelter Begins Production on July 1st.
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Jul.20 (CBI China) --Yunnan Copper's new 100,000 mt/yr smelter in the Chifeng area of Inner Mongolia began operations on July 1st.  Yunnan Copper also announced another new copper smelting project of 180,000 mt/yr will break ground in August and is expected to open in March 2009.

    In addition to Yunnan Copper’s new 100,000mt plant, Jiangxi Copper's new 300,000 mt/yr project will achieve its optimal operating rate in late September to early October, and Shandong Xiangguang's 200,000 mt/yr project will also start production in September, so the market will likely experience a surplus in copper supply in Q3 to early Q4.

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