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Chaowei Power Clarifies Lead Pollution Issue
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Dec. 27 (SMM) - Some recent press articles have alleged lead levels in the blood and urine of some residents of Wujialin village, Ningyang County, Shandong province, have exceeded government standards, and that the poisoning was a direct result of operations of Shandong Chaowei Power Company.

Shandong Chaowei Power Company has a facility to produce annually 9 million sealed and maintenance free lead-acid batteries.  The project was registered with the Ningyang County Development and Reform Bureau in October 2005, and involved the submission of an environmental impact report to the local environmental protection department for examination and approval.  Shandong Chaowei also completed formal acceptance procedures for the construction of environmental protection facilities in relation to phases 1 and 2 of the project in April 2007 and November 2009, respectively.  Shandong Chaowei successfully obtained the necessary approvals for pollutant discharge.

Shandong Chaowei also completed safety pre-assessments, safety inspections upon completion of construction, as well as relevant health inspections.  The company obtained the National Production License for Industrial Product, the Production Safety License and the Registration Certificate for Production Units of Hazardous Chemicals, all of which have been renewed from time to time.

Meanwhile, the Shandong Provincial Analysis and Test Centre, an independent local laboratory, published a report on 15 November 2010, proving that the exhaust fumes and waste water discharged by Shandong Chaowei met the Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants and the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standards. 

Chaowei Power believes charges made in recent press articles were not verified or proven.  A preliminary inspection of the manufacturing plant and production records revealed no serious environmental issues.

Chaowei Power is a leading power lead-acid battery producer in China, consuming over 100 kt of lead every year, and with production bases in Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shandong provinces.

According to SMM sources, the recent news of the alleged lead pollution has not affected  operations at Chaowei Power.  The board of directors has clarified that the company’s industrial discharges complied with national standards, so this incident is not expected to cause any cuts in production or suspensions in the short term, and that its demand for lead will remain stable as well.  However, lead pollution is highlighted again following the closure of  the Shaoguan smelter due to environmental protection problems, which may delay the launch of the lead futures market in China.


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