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China's Imports of Nickel Ore Increase Significantly in April
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May 24,2010

SHANGHAI, May 24 (SMM) -- According to data from China Customs, China's imports of nickel ore in April were 1.85 million mt, up 12.94% MoM, and up 72.11% YoY. China's imports of lateriate nickel ore in April were 1.81 millon mt, including 0.83 million mt from the Philippine, up 73.66% YoY and 0.98 million mt from Indonesia, up 13.89% YoY. The high operating rates at producers with electric arc furnace drove MoM growith of nickel ore importing volumes.

China's imports of lateriate nickel ore in April from Indonesia were down by 25.66% MoM. It was reported that the limited ships available in Indonesia led to limited shipment of goods to China, so arrivals of nickel ore from Indonesia reduced MoM.

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