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Subsidiary of Jien Nickel Industry Acquires Tonghua Jindou Copper & Nickel Mine with RMB 30 Million
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Mar 29,2010

SHANGHAI, Mar. 29 (SMM) -- Tonghua Jien Nickel Industry which is a subsidiary of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry acquired Tonghua Jindou Copper & Nickel Mine, which belongs to Tonghua County Tangren Mineral Development Co., Ltd, with RMB 30 million.

Tonghua Jindou Copper & Nickel Mine, 4 kilometer from Tonghua Jien Nickel Industry, covers an area of 0.0285 square kilometers and was an underground mine. The mine reserves 2.73 million mt of ore, including 11.33 mt of nickel metal content with 0.41% grade ore and 5,470 mt of copper metal content with 0.2% grade ore. Since the nickel mine nears Tonghua Jien Nickel Industry, and sources of Tonghua Jien Nickel Industry can be directly used for dressing and mining of  Tonghua Jindou Copper & Nickel Mine and it needn't to construct a new dressing and mining plant any more. When the mine is put into operation, it is expected to produce 100 kt of ore annually, to dress 500 mt of ore daily as well as to produce 4,013 mt of nickel concentrate and 605 mt of copper concentrate annually.

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