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MOC: US Protectionism Endangers Trade Ties
Feb 2,2010 08:35CST
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BEIJING, Feb. 2 -- China said on Monday protectionism of the United States has "seriously affected" their trade ties and urged it to stop abusing trade remedy measures.

The Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian made the comments on the ministry's website in response to recent US decisions to impose anti-dumping duties on electric blankets and wire trays from China and an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probe into Chinese steel drill pipes.

"Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the US trade protectionism has been apparently on the rise, and China has become the biggest victim of US abuse of trade relief measures", said Yao.

Yao said a recent accusation by a senior US commerce official that China has set barriers against foreign investment was "totally contrary to the facts." China is the third largest export market of the US, and has been the fastest growing one for years.

US exports to China reached $77.4 billion in 2009, driving down the US-China trade deficit by 16 percent, he said. "Absorbing foreign investment is part of China's basic state policy of opening-up," said Yao. "China has always been making efforts to provide a more open and more optimized investment environment for domestic and foreign investors."

"Some countries themselves resort to trade protectionism, but turn around and accuse others. This is not only unreasonable but also not good for its own economic recovery," he said.

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