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Announcement of SMM on Adjustment of ADC 12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot Price
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Jan 8,2010

Recently, the price of ADC 12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot set by SMM on its website ( has triggered some market debate. First of all, thanks very much for market player acceptance and consistent support for our work, and this will encourage us to make further surveys, so as to reflect factual market movements on a fair and open basis.

At present, production costs of ADC 12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot vary greatly due to different raw materials (primary and scrap aluminum), which often results in price spread of around RMB 2,000/mt. In this context, SMM decides to set prices of ADC12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot based on raw materials after detailed surveys and analysis, namely, ADC12 (primary aluminum) and ADC12 (scrap aluminum), to distinguish prices of ADC12 with different raw materials, and to offer customers better service.

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