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Tentative Measure on Application and Selection of Famous-Brand and Quality Products
Jan 8,2010 14:35CST
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Article 1
This Tentative Measure is formulated with the purpose to stimulate nonferrous producers' enthusiasm to set famous brands and to enhance the competitiveness of non-ferrous metal products in the market, according to Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China and The Quality Invigoration Programme issued by the State Council as well as the related documents concerning selection of famous brand products in Shanghai.

Article 2
The famous quality products mentioned in this Measure only refer to those products that take the leading position compared with other similar products in the same industry with regard to sale volumes (market share), customer satisfaction as well as market competitiveness.

Article 3
The selection of famous quality products in Shanghai nonferrous metal industry shall be based on the principal of voluntary application, scientific standard as well as fair and open selection. Products that are selected as famous quality products shall not be regarded as lifelong award. Participants needn't to pay any fees during the selection process, and all the related costs shall be borne by Shanghai non-ferrous metal industry association.

Article 4
Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Council has authorized the Secretariat to set up a special office to organize related work with regard to the application and selection of famous quality products in the Shanghai nonferrous metals industry.

Article 5
The selection of famous quality products shall be organized once a year, and any products that apply for famous quality products shall be reported to organizer within the deadline in the first quarter of each year. Then, several expert panels will be set up according to different product types. These expert panels shall formulate detailed rules for selection of famous quality products based on current market conditions and different product types, and shall pick out famous quality products according to the detailed rules.

Article 6
The name list of famous quality products that are picked up after selection will be released on SMM website and(www.shysjc.cn)as well as other media. The name list of famous quality products will be finalized after taking into public options into consideration within a certain period. The expert panels shall be dissolved after the related work of selection has finished.

Article 7
Enterprises, whose products are selected as famous quality products, shall be awarded with an honorable certificate of "Famous Quality Products of Shanghai Non-ferrous Metals Industry". The certificate shall be valid for two years.

Article 8
Shanghai non-ferrous metal industry association will actively recommend famous quality products to shanghai non-ferrous metals market, and will further recommend these products to Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Commission if these products meet standards of Shanghai top brand or China top brand.

Article 9
Prerequisites for famous-brand and high-quality product application in Shanghai non-ferrous metals industry:
1) Products conform to the trend of economic development in Shanghai, with bright development prospect.
2) Producers should have advanced processing technology and equipment, and a perfect quality measurement system, with high-quality products.
3) Annual sales of the product rank in the first three places in the Shanghai market compared to other similar products.
4) Producers have a perfect after-sales service system, with high customer satisfaction.

Article 10
Producers should properly fill in the form of (please see the attachment below), and provide the relevant certification materials, and submit the required materials to the relevant departments for appraisal within a specific date. 

Article 11
Producers which have met one of the following conditions are not allowed to participate in this application. 
1) Producers do not have production license and mandatory product certificate for those products which are required to have such necessary certificates.
2) Producers in the past two years which failed to meet the requirements when taking part in the quality supervision and inspection conducted by the provincial, municipal, autonomous level and above, or have major quality complaints which have been verified are not allowed to make the application.

Article 12
Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association is entitled to suspend or revoke the status of famous brands of those products, with strong complaints from consumers due to quality issues.

Article 13
Staff responsible for evaluating the famous brands should perform their duties on a fair and honest manner, strictly follow the relevant regulations, and keep confidential the technological and business secrets of the applicants. Anyone who violates the regulation will be deprived of his qualification for the work.

Article 14
All the documents applicants have provided should be authentic. Should any of the documents be found fraudulent, applicants will be not allowed to participate in the application for the coming 2 years. 

Article 15
These measures will be on trial run after being passed on the 7th Council Meeting.

Article 16
The Office responsible for evaluating the status of famous brands is in charge of the explanation of the compulsory provisions.

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