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[Minor metal] Little Impact of Yunnan Earthquake on Silicon
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI,Dec. 29 (CBI China) -- In early morning on 26th, three consecutive earthquakes took place in Kunming city and Dehongzhou region in Yunnan Province, causing 9 people injured in Dehongzhou region and more than 100,000 people affected in two regions.

    Dehongzhou is one of the major silicon producing areas with more than 10 silicon manufacturers in the region, and the quake did not have a significant effect on these manufacturers. 

    A local manufacturer said that the factory has suspended production for nearly one month due to weak silicon market, and will conduct maintenance after the earthquake. 

    A factory in Kunming said the impact of the earthquake on the plants is small, but in order to give priority to transport relief materials, the wagon will be tight and the deliveries will decline in the near future.


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