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[Minor metal] Polysilicon: Risks and Opportunities
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Dec. 11 (CBI China) -- The 2008 International Conference on solar energy polysilicon was closed successfully, more than 200 representatives of enterprises and industry experts came together to discuss the status quo of polysilicon market. 

    At the meeting, most of representatives believe that solar energy polysilicon still has good market prospects. The development of solar energy is the only way of energy construction in every countries along with the growing energy shortage. 

    At present, polysilicon is also faced with enormous challenges due to the sluggish global economic environment. Since early 2008, the price of polysilicon has shown a declining trend, the decline so far has reached around 60%. How to survive the crisis became the focus of delegates. Forum has made two proposals on domestic enterprises: first, reduce redundant construction, control production, improve the quality and enter into semiconductor polysilicon market; Second, control costs and seize the opportunity to conduct research and development in order to reduce costs. In addition, some representatives also suggested that government should attach great importance to photovoltaic industry, increase investment and support the sustained and healthy development of polysilicon industry. 

    CBI believes that the total production capacity of polysilicon production line that has been put into operation and under construction has been slightly more than the current demand, as a result, polysilicon manufacturers can increase their competitiveness through technical, environmental and other aspects, in order to ensure that they still have advantages when production capacity is released before and after 2010.

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