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The latest research on the fundamentals of the metal market has been released | Prospect of the metal market next week [metal weekend news]
Sep 18,2021 11:27CST

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Metal news

The processing fees of A356 alloy are changing with each passing day, and the pricing method may change greatly in the future [SMM survey]

Within a week, the price of recycled aluminum will rise again, "lack of core", and die-casting enterprises will continue to bear pressure under the background of power restriction [SMM analysis]

Shandong Alumina Plant raises the purchase price of liquid caustic soda to a new high in the caustic soda market [SMM caustic soda weekly review]

The price of recycled aluminum exceeds that of original aluminum driven by the obvious difference between supply and demand of raw and cooked aluminum [waste aluminum and recycled aluminum weekly review]

What is the impact of the upgrading of local recycled aluminum and die-casting plants in Jiangsu and Guangdong? [SMM research]

"the inventory of primary lead delivery brands has fallen again and the regional supply gap between the north and the south has widened [SMM survey]

The price of lead continues to fall and the operating rate of recycled lead in the four places has declined for four consecutive weeks [SMM survey]

"the operating rate of enterprises with mediocre consumption in the lead-acid battery market is stable [SMM survey]

The operating rate of stable production in electrolytic lead smelters has declined slightly this week [SMM survey]

The power restriction policy superimposed on the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday drags down the start of galvanizing [SMM survey]

"the start-up of zinc alloy plant decreased under multi-factor disturbance this week [SMM analysis]

A slight increase in the price of nickel ore may affect the demand for nickel ore [laterite nickel mine Weekly Review]

The influence of production restriction policy aggravates the price of high nickel pig iron continues to rise during the week [Nickel Pig Iron Weekly Review]

The news of Indonesia's restrictions on the export of low-grade nickel products has stimulated a sharp rise in nickel prices. What if the news is true? [SMM analysis]

"Wulanchabu enterprises in Inner Mongolia have issued notices of production reduction one after another [SMM Review]

Will the heat of stainless steel futures continue to soar after the holiday? [SMM stainless Steel Review]

"the demand for cobalt salts in the ternary precursor industry will exceed that in the cobalt tetroxide industry [SMM analysis]

New energy vehicles outperform the big market lithium electricity copper foil processing fees still have the advantage of rising [SMM analysis]

Selected SMM Weekly report

Copper concentrate spot transaction active processing fee to keep moving up [SMM Copper Weekly report selection]

Power limitation interferes with the short-term fundamentals of aluminum at both ends of supply and demand remain strong [selected SMM Weekly report]

Next week, China coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to follow up on the changes in lead inventory and regenerated profits and losses [selected from SMM lead Weekly]

Next week, follow the US FOMC meeting and post-holiday inventory performance [selected from SMM Zinc Weekly]

The continued decline in the high volatility of nickel prices is mainly driven by the higher-than-expected reduction in stainless steel production [selected from SMM Weekly report]

The price of tin rose to a new high and the capital performance was slightly hesitant [selected from SMM Weekly]

SMM Conferencin

Invitation letter for the sixth supply and demand Trade Summit of Electrical Materials

2021 China Electrical Industry supply and demand Trading Strategy Summit

The 11th Summit of recycled lead Battery Industry

The 9th Green Zinc Salt and Zinc oxide Industry Summit Forum

Li 2021 Zinc Die casting Industry chain Summit Forum

The 11th Tin Industry chain Trading Summit invites you to explore the trend of Xi City!

2021 China rare Earth permanent Magnet Industry Market Development Forum

What are the development opportunities of the small metal industry under the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" under the 2021 small metal industry summit?

Notice of 2021 China International Silver Industry chain Summit Forum and China Silver Market Application Symposium

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