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The dollar hit a three-week high and the S & P index fell for the second week in a row.
Sep 18,2021 11:03CST

SMM Sept. 18: supported by better-than-expected US retail sales data released on Thursday, the dollar index rose as high as 93.253 yesterday, hitting its highest level since the third week of August, before a slight pullback to close at 93.245 in late trading. The dollar rose and the metal market was generally under pressure. In the outer market, except Lunxi rose slightly by 0.13%, the rest of the metals fell. Tin, from a supply point of view, the spot market supply is relatively tight this week, and there are rumors in the market that it is caused by power cuts in Yunnan and Guangxi. According to the SMM survey, the overall impact of this round of power cuts on the output of the smelter is limited.

Lenny climbed to a seven-year high on Friday after an Indonesian government official said the country was considering taxing nickel exports and supply concerns resurfaced. Traders said profit-taking after the opening of the New York market put Lenny under pressure. Lenny was down 0.13% by the close. In the outer market, with the exception of Lunxilun nickel, Lun copper fell 0.7%, Lun aluminum fell 0.57%, Lun zinc fell 0.28%, and lun lead fell 0.79%.

Domestic nonferrous metals are mixed. By the close, Shanghai Copper fell 1.34%, Shanghai Aluminum fell 0.26%, Shanghai Zinc rose 0.75%, Shanghai lead rose 0.07%, Shanghai Nickel fell 2.57%, and Shanghai Tin rose 0.6%.

U. S. stocks closed lower on Friday as major indexes continued their dismal performance since September, with the S & P and Nasdaq recording a second straight week of losses. The US consumer confidence index remained at its lowest level in nearly a decade in August. Investors are worried about the severe novel coronavirus epidemic in the United States, the impending Fed meeting and the sluggish performance of US stocks in September.

In terms of crude oil, international crude oil futures fell on Friday as U. S. Gulf of Mexico energy companies resumed production after the hurricane halted production. The market believes that the successive rise in oil prices was mainly due to supply disruptions and reduced inventories, but now oil prices are starting to fall as expected with the recovery of US oil production.

In terms of precious metals, COMEX gold futures fell for the third straight session on Friday as the dollar rose and investors focused on the Fed's monetary policy meeting next week.

In terms of data, the monthly retail sales rate (%) after the quarterly adjustment in the UK in August is-2.8, the forecast value is 0.5, and the published value is-0.9; the monthly rate of core retail sales after the quarterly adjustment in the UK in August is-3.2, the forecast value is 0.8, and the published value is-1.2.

The final annual rate (%) of unseasonally adjusted CPI in the euro zone in August is 3 and the public value is 3, while the final annual rate of CPI (%) in the unseasonally adjusted core of the euro zone in August is 1.6, the forecast value is 1.6, and the public value is 1.6.

In September, the initial value of the University of Michigan Consumer confidence Index was 70.3, the predicted value was 72, and the public value was 71.

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