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During the 14th five-year Plan, the National Electric Investment, the three Gorges, Sunshine Power and other projects spent 46.6 billion yuan to invest in photovoltaic hydrogen production projects.
Jan 14,2021 16:42CST
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According to the needs of the company's development and construction of hydrogen filling stations, advanced technology hydrogen production applications, liquid organic hydrogen storage and other projects, the company plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Changchun Jidian hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, according to a notice issued by Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. The company will develop and build the whole hydrogen energy industry chain project in Jilin Province, which will help to accelerate the development of the company's hydrogen energy industry and improve the company's influence in the domestic hydrogen energy industry.

In recent years, with the accelerated transformation of China's energy structure to green, low-carbon and sustainable, the development of hydrogen energy has also ushered in the spring, which has not only attracted the accelerated layout of central enterprises such as the State Power Investment, the three Gorges New Energy, and Jingneng Electric Power, but also attracted the favor of private enterprises such as Sunshine Power, Kaihaoda and so on. According to the statistics of Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network, since 2020, nine hydrogen energy project contracts have been signed by enterprises including National Power Investment, National Energy and Jingneng Electric Power. The development sites cover Heilongjiang, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Shanxi, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Hebei and other provinces, with a total planned investment of more than 46.6 billion yuan.

The following are the details of the project:

1, 23 billion yuan! Jingneng Electric Power signs 5000MW wind, light, hydrogen and storage integration project in Inner Mongolia

On March 13, the signing ceremony of the investment project for 2020 was held in Etok Qianqi, Inner Mongolia, and the total investment of five projects in big data Center of the flag reached 24.1 billion yuan. Among them, Jingneng Electric Power signed the 5000MW wind, light, hydrogen and storage integration project with a total investment of 23 billion yuan, which is planned to start construction in 2020 and be completed and put into use in 2021. Of which 20 billion yuan was invested in 5000MW photovoltaic and 3 billion yuan in green energy island. The project mainly uses the idle land in the coal mine subsidence area, the roof of industrial buildings and other areas permitted by policy to build 5000MW distributed photovoltaic, and adopts the mode of "self-generation + residual power grid" to provide daily electricity for enterprises in the industrial park or surrounding residents. Then, making use of the advantage of Fengguang electricity price, it is planned to build a green energy island of 20,000 m / m / h for hydrogen and oxygen production from water and 200000 m / m / 3 for nitrogen production, through pipe networks or transport vehicles, to supply nitrogen, hydrogen and compressed air to large enterprises in Ningdong Coal Chemical Industry Park, International Chemical Industry Park and Environmental Protection Industrial Park. At the same time, hydrogen resources are used to study hydrogen fuel heavy truck vehicles instead of traditional fuel vehicles, so as to reduce the coal, ash, logistics and transportation costs of enterprises in the park.

2. The national power investment new energy industry base is located in Hunan to carry out the development of wind storage / optical storage / hydrogen energy projects.

On May 15, the State Power Investment Group Wuling Electric Power with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan new energy industry base project was settled in Hunan Zhuzhou High-tech Zone, and Synchronize carried out investment and development of wind power + energy storage, photovoltaic + energy storage, hydrogen energy and rationing power projects. This is the first integrated intelligent energy station demonstration project of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation, hydrogen filling, refueling and charging in China. The first power generation side energy storage project in Hunan Province! The National Power Investment Group is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. Wuling Electric Power (Hunan Branch) is the second-class unit of the State Power Investment Group in Hunan. The company plans to build an "emerging energy industry base" in Zhuzhou City, with an investment of 600 million yuan in the first phase and 100 mu of land to build a production line of iron-chromium liquid flow battery and hydrogen energy application demonstration projects such as natural gas hydrogen production, oil-hydrogen-electricity integrated station, hydrogen energy transportation and so on. The second phase invests 3 billion yuan and covers an area of 300mu. It is planned to introduce the hydrogen fuel cell stack production line of the National hydrogen Energy Company to Zhuzhou, and independently or jointly carry out hydrogen energy equipment, hydrogen energy forklift truck manufacturing and other industrial projects.

3. Panda Green Energy plans to build a comprehensive demonstration project of new energy including energy storage and hydrogen production in Xinjiang.

Panda Green Energy announced on the evening of June 12 that it will invest 10 billion yuan to develop a new energy comprehensive demonstration project for photovoltaic power generation, photothermal power generation, energy storage and hydrogen production business in Manas County, Xinjiang, with a total installed capacity of not less than 1000MW. Panda Green Energy announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the local government of Manas County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region to develop comprehensive new energy demonstration projects equipped with photovoltaic power generation, photothermal power generation, energy storage and hydrogen production equipment locally. The total installed capacity is expected to be no less than 1000 megawatts. Panda Green expects the total investment in the project to be about 10 billion yuan, of which the total installed capacity of the first phase will be no less than 500MW. The final scale will depend on factors such as local energy policy, land supply and grid-connected energy consumption.

4. Huadian and Kaihaoda signed a contract to jointly build 100MW photovoltaic hydrogen production project.

On June 30, Huadian Weifang Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kaihaoda Group held a signing ceremony of hydrogen energy strategic cooperation to cultivate hydrogen energy as a new growth pole of comprehensive energy services and speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading. It is reported that Weifang Company and Shenzhen Kaihaoda hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. will jointly invest in the construction of Weifang coastal photovoltaic 100000 kilowatt hydrogen production project, which is the first hydrogen production base project in Weifang. At the same time, electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment and hydrogen storage and filling devices are added in the company to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the company.

5. Solar Power supply during the 14th five-year Plan period, 2GW photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic hydrogen production will be built in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province.

On September 27, Shanxi Yuncheng Municipal Government and Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. held an investment cooperation agreement signing ceremony. According to the agreement, Sunshine Power will invest 10 billion yuan in Yuncheng during the 14th five-year Plan period to build a demonstration base for a high proportion of clean energy consumption in Yuncheng, including the construction of 2GW photovoltaic power stations and energy storage systems, photovoltaic hydrogen production, new energy vehicle charging stations, and other projects. This cooperation will further improve the energy structure and layout of the city and promote the rapid development of the new energy industry and the transformation and upgrading of the regional economic structure.

6. Huadian plans to invest in Weifang coastal photovoltaic 100MW hydrogen production project.

On September 11, at the New Energy Industry Development (Weifang) Conference, Huadian Weifang Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Weichai Power Co., Ltd. successfully signed the hydrogen Energy Cooperation Framework Agreement to speed up the development of hydrogen-empowered new energy. Since the beginning of this year, Weifang Company has signed a hydrogen strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Kaihaoda Group to jointly invest in the construction of Weifang coastal photovoltaic 100 MW hydrogen production project. Centering on the new energy industry, especially the development direction, new trend and new technology of hydrogen energy, Weifang Company has successively gone to Shanxi, Ningxia and other hydrogen production enterprises and integrated production and sales hydrogenation stations to have a comprehensive understanding of the operation, market demand and development policies of the hydrogenation stations, so as to lay a foundation for follow-up development.

7. Beidong Clean Energy and long Coal Group have signed a cooperation agreement on hydrogen storage in Fengguang.

Beijing Control Clean Energy Group announced that on November 30, 2020, the company and its non-wholly-owned subsidiary Tianjin Beiqing Electric Power Wisdom Energy Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Heilongjiang Dragon Coal Mining holding Group Co., Ltd. the group and Dragon Coal Group agreed to carry out strategic cooperation on promoting the transformation and development of coal enterprises and planning and building a scenic hydrogen storage clean energy base. According to the terms of these framework agreements, long Coal Group will give full play to its advantages in local comprehensive resources and regional distribution network, while the Group will give full play to its advantages in technology, investment, development and construction in the field of new energy. the two sides will cooperate in the development of new energy projects (including, but not limited to, photovoltaic power station projects) and plan large-scale new energy bases in eastern Heilongjiang, China. Create a new energy industry cluster with the integration of development, distribution, sales, storage and production.

8. The new energy of the three Gorges and Shaanxi Fugu have signed a contract to increase the integrated development of strong wind, light, hydrogen energy and energy storage.

On December 16, the people's Government of Fugu County held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with China three Gorges New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. Wu Qiren, member and deputy general manager of the three Gorges New Energy Party Committee, said that the group will take the opportunity of the country's in-depth promotion of clean energy transformation and speeding up the development of new energy and green industries to closely follow the preparation process of the 14th five-year Plan of the state and Shaanxi Province. give full play to the advantages of the three Gorges Group in brand, technology, capital, talent, management, resource integration, and so on. We will increase strategic cooperation with Fugu County in the fields of pumped storage, wind, light, hydrogen energy and energy storage to promote the high-quality development of the local economy.

9. The National Energy Group and Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province signed the integration project of scenery and hydrogen storage.

On the morning of December 17, Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province signed a contract with the State Energy Group on the integration project of hydrogen storage in scenery. Liu Chengxiang, chairman of the Northeast and Mengdong Regional Company of the State Energy Group Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., said that the company is full of confidence in investing and developing in Tongjiang. In the next step, the enterprise will join hands with all parties to promote the rapid start and great development of the project, arrange the project construction route map, strictly control the quality of project construction, and turn the common vision of both sides into concrete actions to promote practical cooperation. to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and that benefits are brought into full play at an early date.

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