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Heavy! There are four new products to be "listed" in the Chaowei battery family.
Sep 22,2020 13:05CST
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SMM: on September 19th, four products developed by Chaowei Group, namely, "lead-carbon power battery (6DZF20)", "long life and low return six-linked lead-acid battery 6-DZF-20", "anti-molecular osmotic power battery project (6-DZF-12)", "long-life energy storage colloidal lead-acid battery 6-CNF-100" successfully passed the provincial appraisal, and the overall technology reached the "domestic leading level". Among them, the project of "High Energy density Lithium Ion Battery" has reached the international advanced level.

Lead-carbon power battery

The project optimizes the proportion of carbon materials added to the negative electrode by adding special carbon materials with suitable specific surface area, and establishes a set of evaluation methods for using carbon materials to solve the sulfation of negative electrodes. The positive and negative electrode formula of lead-carbon power battery and the related curing and formation process are designed. The lead-carbon power battery has the advantages of high current charge and discharge capacity and long cycle life. The products of the project have remarkable innovations in carbon material screening and ultra-high temperature curing process. One invention patent and one utility model patent have been authorized, five invention patents have been accepted and two papers have been published, which is the leading level in China.

Long life and low return hexagonal lead acid battery

The project adopts a six-joint base with low center of gravity, hollowed-out and splicable structure, and the monomers are connected in series by the way of external terminal piece; the production efficiency is improved by quantitatively adding acid and increasing acid injection hole; by optimizing the charge and discharge process and matching method, improve the consistency of the battery. The product has the characteristics of easy maintenance and low return rate, and there are innovations in assembly structure and assembly process. The related technology has authorized 1 invention patent, 1 utility model patent, and accepted 3 invention patents, which is the leading level in China.

Anti-molecular penetration power battery project

The project adopts PP material bottom trough, which improves the toughness of the bottom groove and effectively prevents the brittleness caused by collision; improves the battery sealing process, increases the activation and infiltration treatment on the surface of the bottom groove, and greatly improves the adhesion and sealing between the bottom groove and the upper cover of ABS; through the addition of Ba (OH) powder, the uniformity of barium sulfate of negative lead paste is improved, and the screening method of AGM separator is optimized, so that the power storage battery has the characteristics of low water loss rate and high specific energy. The product has innovation in the method of preventing water loss, and the related technology has authorized 3 utility model patents and applied for 3 invention patents, which is at the leading level in China.

Colloidal lead-acid batteries for long-life energy storage

The project adopts AGM-PE-AGM composite separator and grid ear with high reliability. By optimizing the preparation process, the positive lead paste with uniform dispersion of carbon nanotubes and the negative electrode paste with uniform dispersion of graphene are obtained, the colloid electrolyte with high dispersion is developed, and the casting and welding process with automatic control of alloy liquid level is developed, which improves the corrosion resistance of positive grid ear and bus, and enhances the low temperature performance and charge acceptance ability of the battery. The service life of the battery is prolonged. The product has innovation in composite partition, grid ear and welding process, and the related technology has authorized 1 invention patent, 3 utility model patent and 6 invention patent application, which is at the leading level in China.

lead-acid batteries

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