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Ideal car will be the first to adopt the latest generation of self-driving intelligent chip of NVIDIA
Sep 22,2020 11:09CST
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SMM: on Sept. 22,2020, ideal Motor signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with NVIDIA, the world's leading artificial intelligence computing company, and NVIDIA's Chinese partner Desai Xiwei in Beijing. Ideal car will be the first to use the most powerful products in NVIDIA Orin system-on-chip on the full-size add-program intelligent SUV to be launched in 2022.

The NVIDIA Orin system chip for the ideal car was released in 2019 and is scheduled to be put into production in 2022. Orin adopts the production process of 7nm, which can achieve 200TOPS computing performance per second, which is 7 times higher than that of the previous generation of Xavier system-on-chip. In the case of a huge improvement in computing performance, the power consumption of the Orin is only 45 watts, which is consistent with that of the previous generation. In addition, the ideal car will provide an upgradeable solution for end users. The standard single-chip Orin can have 200TOPS computing power, can provide Level 2 + level advanced auxiliary driving functions, and the computing power will reach 400 TOPS after upgrading to a dual Orin, providing Level 4-level self-driving scheme. In the future, the use of dGPU can further expand the computing power, up to 2000 TOPS in theory, reserving sufficient hardware capabilities for the realization of Level 5-level self-driving.

As one of the leading self-driving suppliers in China, Desai Xiwei will provide the ideal car with excellent autopilot domain controller based on the powerful computing power of Orin system-on-chip. On this basis, the ideal car will independently complete all autopilot programming and algorithm logic settings, becoming the first new energy vehicle company in China that can independently develop Level 4-level self-driving system.

"We are looking forward to the combination of the ideal car with NVIDIA and Desiceway to bring users a safer and more convenient self-driving experience." Wang Kai, chief technology officer of ideal Automobile, said: "as one of the leading companies of new forces in car building, ideal Automobile will invest more R & D resources in the field of self-driving." Taking the lead in using NVIDIA's latest generation of self-driving chip Orin, gives the ideal car a good hardware foundation, and the deep cooperation with NVIDIA and Desi Xiwei will contribute to the faster development of the ideal car in the field of self-driving. "

Rishi Dhall, global vice president of NVIDIA Automotive, said: "the latest generation of NVIDIA autopilot chip Orin has made a major leap forward in terms of computing performance and energy efficiency. By working closely with companies such as ideal Automotive and Desai Xiwei, NVIDIA will inject new AI-based self-driving capabilities into leading new energy vehicles in China and around the world. "

"with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, Desai Xiwei is participating in the transformation of the self-driving experience with the best partners in the industry." Gao Dapeng, general manager of Desai Xiwei, said at the signing ceremony: "Desai Xiwei insists on providing customers with intelligent travel solutions and once again joins hands with Nvidia to develop Orin-based super-powerful self-driving system integration with ideal cars, which will bring innovative driving experience to the next generation of ideal cars, help ideal cars achieve intelligence, and promote the development of intelligent driving industry."

Thanks to the powerful computing power and expansibility of NVIDIA Orin system-on-chip and Desai Xiwei's advanced autopilot domain controller system, the ideal car will achieve full-function coverage from auxiliary driving to autopilot on the next generation of models.

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