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Zouping new material industry accelerates its rise! The production capacity of fine alumina will reach 1 million tons this year.
Sep 18,2020 16:16CST
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SMM News: September 17, 2020 (the third) chemical alumina and downstream market seminar was held in Zouping City. More than 300 people from all over the country, including industry experts, leaders of industry organizations, leaders of relevant industrial parks and enterprises, have gathered by the Daixi River to jointly promote the high-quality development of the fine alumina industry.

In recent years, relying on the aluminum industry resources planted for many years, Zouping City has continuously deepened its cooperation with domestic and foreign strategic partners, and is committed to creating the core area of the world's high-end aluminum industry base. The city has actively extended the industrial chain of aluminum-based products and opened up a new industrial path for alumina, namely chemical alumina, focusing on high-purity α-alumina, capacitive corundum and high-end mold material industrial clusters, sapphires, wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials, etc., to cultivate and strengthen the fine alumina industry, and the scientific and technological content and added value of related products have been greatly improved. At present, 10 related projects have been signed in Zouping City, and 2 projects have been ignited and put into production. The price of deep-processed products is 20-1.2 million yuan per ton. The production capacity of fine alumina will reach 1 million tons this year, and will exceed 2 million tons in the next three years. In the next step, Zou Ping will continue to optimize the existing alumina production capacity, around the requirements of low sodium and high purity of multi-variety alumina, actively improve the process and upgrade the process to meet the needs of the development of fine alumina industry.

At the same time, Zouping enterprise Xiwang Group continues to cooperate deeply with the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to launch a high-end rare earth bearing steel project. At present, relying on the high-quality rare earth special steel new material technology jointly developed by the two sides, the two sides have jointly built a national high-end rare earth special steel new material guarantee base in Zouping. The base includes four major projects with an annual output of 1 million tons of high-end rare earth special steel new materials and rare earth special steel testing and analysis center, which have been launched in an all-round way.

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