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Still waiting for IPhone 12? Apple has built a 900MW photovoltaic power station.
Sep 17,2020 10:39CST
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SMM News: "Climate change is real, and each of us has a responsibility to deal with it. On this point, we will not waver, because we know very well that the future of future generations depends on us to protect." -- Cook. "

Apple's high-profile autumn launch will be held at 1: 00 a.m. on Sept. 16, although it is unclear whether the 5G-enabled iPhone12 will be unveiled, but new products such as the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad Air 4 and headset Airpods Studio have made consumers salivate.

As a leading high-tech company in the world, Apple is undoubtedly successful, and its products are sought after by people all over the world. At the same time, many people may not have noticed that Apple is also a role model for global companies in terms of sustainability.

Apple's sustainability goals have been growing in recent years, and in 2015, Apple teamed up with Foxconn to launch a trade-in service for iPhone phones in China, a reuse and recycling program that is still popular today. In 2016, Apple joined the RE100 program in an attempt to shift all energy consumption to renewable energy. In the spring of 2018, Apple announced that its data centers, retail stores and Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino all use 100% renewable energy. In addition, Apple is the largest issuer of green bonds, with a total of $4.7 billion.

There is no doubt that Apple is trying to think seriously about sustainability.

In recent years, Apple has realized that our planet is facing the threat of climate change and environmental degradation, and has focused its environmental efforts on areas where the biggest changes can be made.

It is reported that Apple's environmental strategy mainly focuses on three key areas of intercommunication: climate change, resources, and better chemical technology. at present, Apple is not only committed to the research and development and use of renewable materials of the product itself, but is currently in the process of transition to the full use of materials from recycled or renewable sources. In addition, Apple is committed to promoting the cleaner production process of its products.

Achieve full footprint carbon neutralization in 2023

At present, Apple uses 100% renewable energy power in all its facilities, and all kinds of emissions related to the company's operations, including business travel and employee commuting, are also carbon-neutral.

To achieve the goal of full carbon neutrality by 2023, Apple's entire manufacturing supply chain will shift to 100 per cent renewable power, reducing carbon emissions by 75 per cent compared with 2015.

Apple's past and future carbon footprint

Invest nearly 300 million US dollars to set up China Clean Energy Fund

In 2018, Apple established the China Clean Energy Fund to help suppliers access renewable energy power. The fund raised nearly US $300 million from the 10 first suppliers and Apple to invest in and develop clean energy projects for a total of 1GW renewable power in China to support suppliers in fulfilling their renewable energy use commitments.

On the evening of September 24, 2019, Apple CEO Cook said that Apple had been powered entirely by renewable energy and that more than 6000 megawatts of new renewable energy would be connected to the grid in 2020, including three new wind farms in Hunan and Hubei invested through the China Clean Energy Fund. The three wind farms have supplied 134MW of electricity to China's Electroweb, according to Apple's website.

Today, Apple not only uses 100% renewable power in all offices, retail stores, and data centers in 44 countries, but more than 70 Apple suppliers have committed 100% to use clean energy to manufacture Apple products, and 2.7 gigawatts have been put into operation.

Renewable power

At present, the renewable energy capacity of Apple supplier facilities in operation has reached 2.7GW. By March 2020, Apple facilities have achieved 100% renewable power use, and renewable energy projects have reached 1.23GW, including solar energy, wind energy, micro hydropower and biogas fuel cells. Photovoltaic projects totaled 899.6MW, accounting for 73.1%, and wind power projects totaled 313.3MW, accounting for 25.5%. In addition, the 349MW project is under construction (contracted).

Since 2018, Apple has produced or procured 100% renewable power for facilities around the world and has given priority to creating new renewable energy projects. About 83 per cent of the renewable energy acquired by Apple for its own facilities is provided by self-created projects, mainly solar and wind power projects.

At the same time, Apple is aware of the necessity of combining solar and wind power with energy storage technology, and is currently working on short-and long-term plans for power storage. in 2019, Apple deployed a large plant-level battery system for one of its solar power projects to provide power to Electroweb when it is in urgent need of electricity. Apple is currently focusing on unsubsidized projects. And actively support the transition of China's renewable energy market from a unit price subsidy project to a non-subsidy parity project, while seeking to develop new projects to power local data centers under construction.

In addition to these, Apple is also committed to carbon removal, and Apple has protected and restored 10900 hectares of mangroves in Colombia to help local people make ends meet, and, Tim Cook has recently been awarded the 30th Anniversary impact Award of the Economic Alliance for Environmental responsibility for its exemplary action in the area of sustainable development.

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