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Brilliance BMW Power Battery Center Phase II officially completed and put into production
Sep 14,2020 14:53CST
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SMM News: a few days ago, brilliance BMW Power Battery Center Phase II was officially completed and put into production, becoming the BMW Group's first production base of BMW fifth-generation power batteries in the world. The new power battery system will be the first to be installed on the BMW iX3.

Brilliance BMW Power Battery Center, which opened in 2017, is BMW's first battery center with full battery equipment outside Germany. Three years after its opening, the second phase, which is more technologically advanced, has been completed and put into production today, producing fifth-generation power batteries and doubling its production capacity.

The BMW iX3 with brand new batteries is the first global model of brilliance BMW, which is only produced in Shenyang and launched and exported to the world this year. The design of the new car is similar to that of the BMW X3 as a whole, but the positioning of the pure electric car allows it to upgrade in many details.

Power is the core of the BMW iX3, which is the first model with BMW's fifth-generation electric drive system (eDrive). It is equipped with a 210 kilowatt (286 horsepower) maximum power motor with a peak torque of 400 Nm. In terms of battery and mileage, the new car is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 74kWh, and the energy density of the battery pack system is 154wh / kg. Officially, it has a range of 500km under NEDC and an acceleration time of 6.8s for 0-100km/h. In the NEDC standard test, its energy consumption of 100 kilometers is 16.7kWh.

Editor's comments:

In the electrification industry, BBA has increased its investment in China, especially the BMW Power Battery Center Phase II of brilliance has become the first factory in the world to produce a new generation of power batteries, which shows that BMW attaches great importance to China's electric vehicle market and industry. Mercedes-Benz and Audi are not losing ground. Mercedes-Benz and BAIC have built an electric car factory in Beijing, and the electric car under the Audi MEB platform may be put into production in China next year. In the next few years, we will see more new BBA products on the ground.

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