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The Environmental Protection Supervision team of Zhejiang Province came to Haining to inspect the wharf along the canal and the branch line.
Sep 9,2020 11:46CST
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SMM: in order to further understand the relevant situation along the Beijing-Hangzhou line and the branch wharf, and smoothly carry out the second round of central environmental protection supervision and inspection work, on September 7, the provincial environmental protection supervision team came to Haining to supervise and inspect the canal and branch wharf on the spot. This supervision group was led by Sun Xiangyang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, Yin Xunyong, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Cheng Shuizhong, first-class director of Quzhou Ecological and Environmental Bureau. Zhang Yu, a senior engineer of the Provincial Ecological Environment Science Design and Research Institute, was accompanied by Yan Fengxiang, chief worker of Jiaxing Transportation Bureau, Bu Haibin, deputy director of Jiaxing Port and Navigation Management Service Center, Zhu Jiong, director of Haining Transportation Bureau, and Shi Zhenli, director of Haining Port and Navigation Management Service Center.

The reason for this supervision is that the letters and visits sent by the second round of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate reflect that there are a large number of docks and warehouses of dangerous chemicals in the area of the Grand Canal and its branch lines, but some docks do not have environmental impact assessment or pollution prevention measures. Haining has 3 branch wharves belonging to the Grand Canal (Haining Changlu Wharf Co., Ltd., Haining Top Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., Haining Branch). The supervision team conducted a spot check on the Changlu public wharf in Haining.

The supervision team and his party came to the Haining Changlu Public Wharf. First, they listened to the introduction of the person in charge of the wharf on the Changlu wharf and the Haining Port and Navigation Center on the environmental protection of the three wharves of the Haining Canal branch line and the wharf under their jurisdiction. They understood the environmental access and supervision of the Haining wharf. Subsequently, they also checked the operation of the wharf, the pollution prevention facilities of the wharf, and the use of ship pollutant receiving facilities.

Through the on-site inspectors found that Haining Changlu public wharf port operation license, environmental access and acceptance are complete and effective, environmental protection-related work has been implemented in place, the inspection team expressed a full affirmation and high appraisal of the supervision work of Haining wharf. At the same time, it is required that in the process of maintaining normal production, we should continue to strengthen the on-site management of the wharf, put various pollution prevention and control measures in place, minimize the impact of inspectors and inspections on wharf production, and must not stop work or stop production because of inspectors and inspections.

For a long time, Haining Port and Navigation Management Service Center attaches great importance to the wharf construction and management in the area and takes the initiative. In order to actively promote the renovation and upgrading of the wharf, Haining Port and Navigation has resolutely closed the wharves that do not meet the standards. Among them, five docks have also carried out special design review and acceptance of environmental protection, and two wharves have carried out special acceptance as pilot terminals for dust control in the whole city. at present, upgrading and renovation have been carried out on all the wharves in the area, and all 31 wharves in business have obtained environmental access procedures. It has strongly promoted the construction of No. 14 wharf in Haining District 5.

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