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Ministry of Transport: transportation industry needs perfect supervision
Sep 7,2020 10:00CST
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SMM: recently, at the 2020 International Forum on the Development of China's Automobile Industry (Teda), Meng Qiu, a second-class inspector of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that the transportation industry needs to establish more perfect laws and policies, such as online car-hailing laws and policies, network freight regulations and policies, rental vehicle record management system, etc., all need to establish a coordinated supervision mechanism to form a pattern of joint management.

This year, due to the influence of the epidemic and the global economic environment, how to achieve sustainable and high-quality development of China's automobile industry has become a very profound problem, which needs to be analyzed and discussed from focusing on policies, industrial hotspots and other issues. The transportation industry is an important application field and carrier of the automobile industry. With the deep integration of the mobile Internet and the transportation industry, online car-hailing, car-hailing, time-sharing leasing, network freight and other transportation new business type also grew from scratch, and showed an explosive growth trend.

In order to continuously improve the traffic management system and enhance the governance capacity, we need to carry out the following aspects of work: first, to strengthen the top-level design, systematic planning for the development of transportation new business type. The second is to establish a coordinated supervision mechanism to form a pattern of joint management. The third is to establish and improve the system of laws and regulations, and the system is gradually improved. Automobile products, as the main means of transport for travel services, are important hardware guarantees for safe and comfortable travel. Under the leadership of the "outline for Building a Traffic Power", we will promote the structural reform on the supply side of transportation services.

Editor's comments:

With the formation of more and more diversified intelligent travel system, more and more consumers are more willing to choose intelligent travel schemes such as online ride-hailing, and with the progress of intelligent technology, more and more self-driving and other travel schemes or transportation schemes are gradually forming a scale. At this rate of progress, it is necessary to speed up the reform and optimization of laws and regulations and policies in the field of transportation, so as to build an industrial policy system and enterprise development model suited to high-quality development.

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