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Summary of important non-ferrous information: the decline of lead ingots is greater than expected * the spot is in short supply, the chemical grade silicon is outstanding, and the price of rare earths has cooled somewhat.
Sep 5,2020 13:26CST
Summary of important non-ferrous information: the operating rate of refined copper rods may continue to decline in September * aluminum downstream starts to pick up slowly * lead ingot community bank drops more than expected * lead battery operating rate drops * zinc downstream orders warm up as a whole * pure nickel social inventory accumulation bank * hoarding postpones metallurgical grade silicon price stabilization * manganese price increases tend to be flat "* chromium prices rise later or steadily rise *" There is pressure on the rise of Zhonghui Chrome Mine * the second batch of new energy vehicles go to the countryside to benefit power battery enterprises * indium market prices continue to rise * antimony prices continue to consolidate this week * bismuth market prices are stable * selenium cities are weak to maintain stability * magnesium ingots demand is weak * rare earth prices have cooled down.
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Weak orders and high inventory are expected to continue to decline in September.

[SMM bonded warehouse copper inventory] Shanghai bonded warehouse copper inventory increased by 9800 tons this week.

[SMM data] the market inventory in the mainstream copper regions across the country increased by 13100 tons month-on-month this week.

Weekly Review of SMM Aluminum Accessories (2020.8.31-9.04) pre-baked anode ushered in three consecutive increases, and the center of gravity of aluminum fluoride market moved up.

[SMM aluminum downstream weekly survey] during the peak season, the downstream starts slowly and warms up. Most downstream enterprises are still optimistic.

SMM data] solid waste method affects the supply of recycled lead to lead ingots. The decline of the ingot bank is greater than expected.

[SMM Analysis] Macro-level drag down lead prices and stocks continue to decline & tightening of recycled lead supply is a supporting factor

[SMM Survey] the start-up rate of lead-acid batteries has declined due to the weakening of new orders.

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Jin [SMM Survey] "Gold, Nine and Silver Ten" is expected to keep zinc downstream orders warmer as a whole.

[SMM data] September 4 Pure Nickel Social inventory: import Social inventory consumption list Social inventory accumulation

SMM Silicon Market August Bulletin: hoarding, postponing Metallurgical Grade Silicon prices, stabilizing spot demand, Chemical Grade Silicon alone

The difference between supply and demand of different specifications of metal silicon is a chaotic game of buying and selling.

"Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (8.31-9.4): the expected future mentality of Zhaoda of Northern Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is different."

Electrolytic Manganese Weekly Review (8.31-9.4): the rising trend of manganese prices tends to slow after the concentrated release of steel demand. "

"Weekly Review of imported Manganese Ore (8-31-9.4): the price call is high and the terminal steel recruitment is expected."

[SMM analysis] the price of chromium will rise later or rise steadily.

Li [Chrome Mine Weekly Review] the terminal steel is not as good as expected. There is pressure on the rise of chromite.

"[semi-annual report] the two leading cobalt industries saw a sharp increase in net profits in the first half of the year and the late trend of cobalt prices became the focus."

[SMM Analysis] the second batch of new energy vehicles going to the countryside is good for power battery enterprises.

Li [semi-annual report] the new energy car market has been hit hard by lithium battery companies, and the market demand is improving in the second half of the year.

Indium [SMM Indium spot Weekly Review] Indium market prices continue to rise (2020.8.31-2020.9.4)

[SMM Antimony spot Weekly Review] Antimony prices continue to consolidate this week (2020.8.31-2020.9.4)

Bi [SMM Bismuth spot Weekly Review] Bismuth market price is stable (2020.8.31-2020.9.4)

[SMM selenium Weekly Review] the market adheres to the weak stability of selenium market (2020.8.31-2020.9.4).

[semi-Annual report] Global Water release stimulates Gold Price to rise sharply in the first half of the year revenue growth of precious metals enterprises

[SMM magnesium spot Weekly Review] magnesium ingot demand continues to be weak and prices continue to decline (2020.8.31-2020.9.4).

"[SMM analysis] rare earth prices have cooled down. Terminal consumption is cautious in purchasing."

Selected SMM Weekly report

[selected SMM Weekly] the most stringent waste law officially landed to benefit waste enterprises to take the initiative to find scrap copper suppliers to keep imports on the sidelines.

[selected SMM Weekly] recycled raw materials are relatively tight & lead fundamentals are still good for consumption. "

SMM Weekly report selected] the supply side of the mine will become the future zinc to provide lower support. It is expected that the downward space for zinc price is limited.

[SMM Hot Rolling Weekly] Environmental protection, production restriction, heat reduction, price reduction next week may be dominated by weak consolidation.

Rare earth market continues to cool down and prices of many varieties are adjusted back. [selected SMM Weekly report]

Cobalt [SMM Cobalt Lithium spot Weekly report] (0831-0904) slow downside cobalt price industrial carbon quotation rose slightly

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