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Guangzhou Automobile Group announced the results of June sales of 8 models.
Jul 11,2020 21:24CST
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SMM Network News: July 10, Guangzhou Automobile Group released June production and sales express. On the whole, the group has continued its sustained growth since the second quarter. In June, GAC produced 197900 cars, up 27.34 percent from the previous month; sales reached 186600, up 12.66 percent from the previous month; the total number of cars produced by the group from January to June was 797300, a decrease of 8.23 percent from the previous month; and 824600 vehicles were sold in the January-June period. the decline was 3.79 percentage points lower than that of the previous month.

In terms of brands, Guangzhou Auto Honda produced more than 90, 000 vehicles in June, up 35.92% from a year earlier, and sales reached 83300, up 14.26% from a year earlier. Both production and sales reached an all-time high. Guangzhou Auto Toyota produced 66100 cars in June, up 15.89% from the same period last year; terminal sales reached 74300, up 44.44% from the same period last year, breaking the 70, 000 mark for the first time and setting another all-time high, with terminal sales reaching 323600 from January to June, up 5.62% from the same period last year.

In terms of models, Guangzhou Automobile Group sold more than 10,000 models in June, of which Accord and Haoying both sold more than 20, 000 vehicles a month, reaching 21100 and 20003 respectively. The rest of the models sold were: 18265 colorful Intelligence, 16700 Camry, 15096 Leiling series, 12021 Lingpai, 11625 YARiS L and 11153 Chuanqi GS4.

It is reported that in order to reduce the production impact of the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile Honda have begun to replenish production and increase production. During this year's Dragon Boat Festival short holiday, the two car companies have arranged overtime production in order to restore car production as soon as possible.

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