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[SMM waste aluminum column] poor consumption of heavy metal bars is under pressure on the price of waste aluminum.
Jul 9,2020 13:57CST
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SMM7 March 9: aluminum prices fell 100 yuan / ton to 14320 yuan / ton today, recycled aluminum plant quotations are stable. In terms of domestic prices, the quotations of mainstream large-scale recycled aluminum enterprises are stable, concentrated at 13200-13400 yuan / ton. The quotations of factories in Chongqing have risen at different times this week. The current mainstream transaction prices in Chongqing are no lower than those in Guangdong and Shanghai, but most of the orders are under great pressure. For small and medium-sized plants, the quotations of a recycled aluminum plant in Jiangxi remain unchanged, while those of small and medium-sized factories and traders remain at 12800-13000 yuan per ton, and low-cost goods are heard to have decreased. On the import and export side, due to the current near absence of overseas demand, Japan's ADC12 demand has recovered slightly, but it is still very limited, with actual turnover around US $1300 / ton. Import ADC12 offer is still active, the current import Ningbo ADC12CIF (agreement-free countries) quotation continues to maintain 1460-1530 US dollars / ton, the mainstream quotation remains below 1500 US dollars / ton, the current demand in Europe has increased, and the European ADC12 quotation is firm to more than 1380 US dollars / ton. At present, the quotations of some overseas leading recycled aluminum plants with better quality remain strong due to the increase in output saturation. The quantity of spot ADC12 in Hong Kong has decreased, and the seller's quotation is slightly stronger. The spot transaction price of high-quality goods is concentrated at 12400-12500 yuan / ton, and the price difference in forward price is still relatively large. Since 12000-12200 yuan / ton, the arrival time of overseas forward orders has been postponed to after September. As the exchange rate gradually fell back from 7.1 to 7, the recent settlement of import ADC12 price profits increased slightly.

SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price market on July 9th

Aluminum prices rose 150 yuan / ton today, repairing the week's decline. However, due to the arrival of more imported aluminum ingots in Guangdong, the spot increase of aluminum ingots is relatively small. In terms of waste aluminum, after the poor demand for secondary aluminum, the demand for cooked aluminum has also weakened significantly recently, mainly due to the recent weakening demand for remelting bars, and the price has failed to keep up with the rise, so that the price of cooked aluminum has also been suppressed. Import scrap aluminum, the current overseas zorba (95 metal volume, 2% copper broken raw aluminum) Malaysia CIF price of 970 US dollars / ton, after preliminary treatment, the price is also around 1100 US dollars / ton, which is about 1500 yuan / ton lower than the domestic raw aluminum tax price. If imports are liberalized, domestic shocks are inevitable, and all parties remain on the sidelines for imported waste aluminum.

Note: import self-withdrawing is the ADC12 cash self-withdrawing price of Ningbo Port.

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