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Baoshan Silicon Enterprises: promote each other to overcome difficulties together
Jul 9,2020 11:18CST
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SMM7 March 9: according to SMM, industrial silicon production enterprises in Baoshan City gathered in Longling on July 7 (Tuesday) to hold a symposium on industrial silicon production and management. this meeting is the highest specification and the broadest participation of industrial silicon enterprises in Baoshan City in recent years, and the main responsible persons of various enterprises all attended the forum.

The participants discussed enthusiastically and spoke actively, and the meeting had extensive exchanges on the current product market situation, changes in supply and demand, electricity prices, production indicators, product quality, capital situation, and so on. It is agreed that Baoshan City, as the main production area of high-quality industrial silicon in China, has long been recognized by customers at home and abroad based on high-quality product quality and excellent performance reputation. Since the Spring Festival this year, the sudden new crown epidemic has brought a tremendous impact on the national and even the global economy. Under the grim situation of obstructed material transportation, rising freight costs and a sharp decline in product market prices, the industrial silicon production enterprises in Baoshan have overcome difficulties, responded positively, and responded positively to the call of governments at all levels. With the strong support of governments at all levels, upstream and downstream customers and all sectors of society, while organizing epidemic prevention work, while orderly organizing the resumption of work and production, by the end of June 2020, all enterprises have basically achieved resumption of production.

The enterprises attending the meeting analyzed and discussed the recent market trend of industrial silicon products and the changes in supply and demand. It is believed that due to the influence of the epidemic, the market price of industrial silicon is in a position in history this year, and the market prices of related industries have also begun to pick up in an all-round way. it is judged that the bottom price of industrial silicon has been basically formed at present. At present, although electricity prices have declined during the flood season, due to rising transport costs, rising purchase prices of silica, and soaring prices of charcoal, the main reducing agent, which is subject to customs restrictions on epidemic prevention in Myanmar, the production costs of silicon enterprises in the region are still at a high level. at present, the market price is lower than the normal production cost line, enterprises continue to lack confidence in full production, production and operation is still facing tremendous pressure.

Finally, after full discussion, the participating enterprises reached a consensus on strengthening the interconnection of enterprises in the region, promoting each other, overcoming difficulties together, establishing a system benchmarking mechanism for industrial silicon production enterprises in Baoshan City, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. to maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry and work together to form the following measures:

First, establish a mechanism for regular exchanges and meetings of responsible persons of various enterprises.

Second, establish the exchange and sharing mechanism of product market information of industrial silicon enterprises in Baoshan City, and all enterprises will exchange market price information on a regular basis.

Third, establish the production index exchange mechanism of industrial silicon enterprises in Baoshan City, and exchange indicators among enterprises from time to time.

Fourth, to establish a fund information exchange mechanism for industrial silicon enterprises in Baoshan City, and all enterprises should give full play to their respective advantages to explore or coordinate external financing sharing platform information to help enterprises in the region solve their financing difficulties.

Fifth, try to gradually implement and explore the implementation of the internal collection and storage mechanism in the industry.

Participating enterprises: Yunnan Yongchang Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., Longling County Longshan Silicon Co., Ltd., Longling County Jingsheng Trading Co., Ltd., Tengchong Yangbang Trading Co., Ltd., Baoshan Penghao Trading Co., Ltd., Longling County Taikang Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., Changning Zhenyuan smelting Silicon Co., Ltd., Longling Shunkang Silicon smelting Co., Ltd., Longling Yonglong Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

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