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Tesla German factory or no battery production new test runway
Jul 3,2020 16:25CST
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SMM: it is reported that Tesla submitted the latest environmental approval application to the German local government for the Berlin super factory project, which includes several major changes to the project.

It was reported earlier this week that Tesla wanted to press ahead with the construction of the Berlin superfactory, although it had not yet received final approval. Now the company has submitted new environmental protection application documents to the local area.

According to local media reports, the new plan for Tesla's Berlin super factory includes the following: first, Tesla hopes to cut down 30 per cent more wood, and on a total area of about 300acres, Tesla hopes to increase the felling area from 154.54 acres to 193.27 acres. Second, Tesla cancelled plans to produce batteries at its Berlin plant. Third, the production site of the drive is transferred to a new building. Fourth, Tesla reduced its previously planned peak water consumption by 33%. Fifth, the wastewater treatment system is moved to the side of the main building. Finally, Tesla deleted the description of "producing 500000 cars a year", which is currently "100000 or more".

In addition, it is reported that Tesla will build a new test runway within the newly deforested area. Under the current plan, Tesla expects construction work to continue until March 2021, when the plant will begin production of Model Y. It will take months for Tesla to get final approval because the local government needs to collect public comments on the project by September. But Tesla has decided to press ahead with construction work before it gets final approval.

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