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[SMM selenium spot Weekly Review] quiet prices in selenium market remain stable (2020.6.29muri 2020.7.3)
Jul 3,2020 15:33CST
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After the Dragon Boat Festival, this week for six consecutive working days, for the domestic selenium market, is a waiting and quiet week.

Today, the transaction prices of SMM99.9% selenium powder, 99.9% selenium ingots, crude selenium and selenium dioxide are 100mur125 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot, 58mur70 yuan / kg and 57mur62 yuan / kg, respectively, which are the same as those before last week's festival.

In terms of selenium powder: 99.9% of the foreign media sold selenium powder at 6.3Mel 7.75 US dollars per pound, the price was the same as last week. The refined selenium market at home and abroad has not changed much, the start of the downstream glass and ceramic industry is stable, and some of the domestic affected export orders have not improved significantly since the beginning of this year. Of course, under the support of the cost of crude selenium, combined with the overall cost position of inventory in each hand, the price of refined selenium in China remains basically stable. As of the end of this week, the actual trading price of imported 99.9% selenium powder was 125 yuan / kg, while that of domestic selenium powder was 95, 105 yuan / kg, the same as last week.

Selenium: the quiet market before the Dragon Boat Festival was punctured by an inquiry for 300 tons of selenium dioxide from a large electrolytic manganese factory in the north. It is precisely because of this, the price of selenium raised by the holder, from the previous 56mur58 yuan / kg to 60mur64 yuan / kg, the market sentiment was ignited. Judging from the situation this week, no real purchase transaction has taken place in this inquiry. In addition to the downstream conventional procurement, most of the transactions were reached at the price sent to the price of 60 yuan / kg. At present, it seems that the large order inquiry of a large northern factory does give market confidence to a certain extent, which makes the enterprise hopeful under the natural weak state of unsupported price. Of course, some enterprises said that whether the final procurement, whether sufficient procurement, when procurement, what price procurement is still unknown, the market should still objectively face the status quo, firmly grasp each operation.

So far, the upstream copper enterprises have not yet made a clear statement and operation, SMM believes that it is also the focus of attention this month. The trend of crude selenium in the later stage also affects the price orientation of refined selenium and diselenide to a certain extent.

The price trend of electrolytic manganese is not optimistic, and the decline has not stopped. In previous years, the operating rate of electrolytic manganese was relatively low in July and August. Therefore, in July, I believe that the operation of enterprises will be more cautious.

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