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[SMM thread] period screw rose slightly, spot transaction improved slightly
May 27,2020 18:52CST
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SMM5 March 27: the main thread opened low and rebounded, basically recovering the decline in yesterday's night trading, closing at-0.23%. Spot quotations fell slightly lower than yesterday, while in some markets, such as East China and North China, prices rose slightly, transactions also improved, while other markets remained stable, with no significant improvement in shipments. [Hangzhou]: the price in the morning market was lowered by 10 won 20 yuan / ton, and Shagang reported 3590 Mel 3600 yuan / tonne. With the volatility of the market, traders tried to increase by about 10 yuan / ton at midday, Shagang quoted 3600mur3610 yuan / ton, and Zhongtian snail reported 3730 Muth3750 yuan / tonne. All-day trading preference, smooth delivery at low prices, terminal demand and speculative demand have increased. [Shanghai]: the spot price of thread opened down 10 yuan / ton, Shagang resources 3530tel 3550 yuan / ton, snail Shagang 3640 Shagang 3660 yuan / ton, trading is still mediocre, today's futures rose slightly failed to completely offset the cautious mood brought about by last night's night trading, which hit a new low in nearly two weeks. [Beijing]: the quotation is stable. The thread of Heshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Is 3590mur3610 yuan / ton, and the plate snail of Hegang is 3730Muth3750 yuan / ton. Futures higher after the increase in inquiries, the trading atmosphere is better than yesterday. [Guangzhou]: the quotation is stable, cold steel thread 3770Mill 3790 yuan / ton, ten thousand steel plate snail quotation 3940 yuan / ton. The overall transaction was sluggish. [Chengdu]: after a few days of slight negative decline, the quotation of Thread Weigang Resources initially stabilized at 3780 RMB3790 / ton, with a general transaction. The trend of the snail is not strong, and the enthusiasm of the market to take the goods is low.

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