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[SMM thread] the snail concussion fell, and the spot market fell generally.
May 25,2020 18:57CST
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SMM5 March 25 News: this issue of the snail another step, the low shock, the spot quotation is reduced by 20mur50 yuan / ton, the market trading mood is poor, but the terminal rigid demand has volume, so that the overall transaction is better than last Friday. [Hangzhou]: the trend of snails was weak and fluctuating this morning, with the market quotation slightly reduced by 10 Mel 20 yuan / ton, Shagang reported 3610 Mel 3630 yuan / ton, Zhongtian snail reported 3750 Mel 3760 yuan / ton, the quotation of traders was firm today, and the transaction was poor in morning trading. however, the market has improved its acceptance of price in the afternoon, and the transaction at low price has obviously improved, and the overall transaction throughout the day is general. [Shanghai]: the spot price of screw thread has been reduced by 20mur30 yuan / ton, the current spot Shagang resource is quoted to 3550mur3560 yuan / ton, and the plate snail Shagang is quoted at 3650mur3670 yuan / ton. General deviation in trading, speculative demand and daily decline. [Beijing]: thread is lowered by 10mur20 yuan / ton, 20-22mm is quoted at 3590mur3,600 yuan / ton, pan snail is reduced by 10mur20 yuan / ton, and Hegang resources is quoted to 3740Muth3770 yuan / ton. The transaction is better than last Friday, and the terminal can pick up the goods. [Guangzhou]: the thread dropped by 40 yuan per ton, the cold steel price by 3800 won per ton, the snail price by 50 yuan per ton, and the price quoted by Wangang by 3940 yuan per ton. Rainstorm weather superimposed weak futures, market trading is relatively quiet. [Chengdu]: the quotation of Thread Weiwei Steel Bank resources is weak and stable, at 3790 RMB3800 per ton. If it continues to decline in intraday trading, the transaction will improve, and the transaction throughout the day will be ordinary.

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