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[voice of the two sessions] Deputy Li Wei: intelligent factories point out the development direction of non-ferrous industry
May 23,2020
Source:China Nonferrous Daily
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SMM News: "Shenhuo really created the miracle of factory construction." So say a number of industry experts. On May 15, in the advanced equipment manufacturing city of the urban and rural integration demonstration zone in Shangqiu, Henan Province, the No. 1 roughing mill of the Shenhuo aluminum foil project with an annual output of 105000 tons of high-end double zero aluminum foil was installed. Waiting for commissioning, the installation of 60% of the No. 1 medium rolling mill completed 10% of the installation of the No. 2 medium rolling mill. The laying of outdoor pipe networks has been completed, the laying of high and low voltage cables has been completed, and preparations are being made before power transmission; the construction of carborundum floor in the workshop has been carried out in an all-round way, the greening of the plant area has been basically completed, and a modern standard factory building has sprung up.

Why is it being built so quickly? During the two sessions, the reporter contacted Li Wei, a deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman of Henan Shenhuo Group Co., Ltd., and asked such a question. He told reporters: "this project is a major project for us to make up for the shortcomings of the downstream industrial chain of 'coal, electricity and aluminum'." The products of the project are positioned as high-end double zero aluminum foil, electronic foil and high-grade aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging, and more than 70% of the products are supplied to the international high-end market. at present, the total investment is 810 million yuan, and the annual output value can be increased by 3 billion yuan after all is completed. realize 300 million yuan in profits and taxes, earn more than 300 million US dollars in foreign exchange from exports, and provide more than 1000 jobs.

It is understood that during the epidemic period, the electrolytic aluminum and aluminum processing enterprises affiliated to Shenhuo Group were in normal production. From January to April, they produced a total of 269500 tons of aluminum products, 20700 tons of cold-rolled coil and 8700 tons of aluminum foil. Compared with the same caliber in the same period last year, the physical volume has increased. "the Yunnan Shenhuo Green Hydropower and Aluminum Project and the Shangqiu Shenlong Baoding double Zero Aluminum foil Project were resumed in mid-February." Li Wei said.

He said that the next development of the aluminum processing industry of Shenhuo Group will take Shangqiu as the center, formulate the plan of Shangqiu aluminum processing industrial park as a whole, and strive to form a first-class aluminum processing base in China around projects such as aluminum plate, strip and foil, terminal processing of aluminum foil, etc. First, to improve Shangqiu Sunshine Aluminum 50,000 tons cold finishing rolling and supporting make-up project, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, and to match the production capacity of aluminum foil. The second is to speed up the construction of Shangqiu Shenlong Baoding high-end double zero aluminum foil project with an annual output of 105000 to ensure that all six rolling mills are completed in the first half of 2021 and that the first phase of 55000 tons has the production conditions. The third is to plan Shangqiu aluminum foil terminal intensive processing project. Focus on future consumption upgrading, highlight the vertical extension of the industrial chain, focus on expanding the scale of projects such as battery foil, air-conditioning foil, carbon foil and aluminum foil coating, and create three major intensive processing chains: aluminum foil-packaging, aluminum foil-household, and aluminum foil-new energy. promote the diversification of product structure and improve product competitiveness and profitability.

Talking about the next step of the electrolytic aluminum industry of Shenhuo Group, Li Wei said that it is necessary to do a good job in the transformation and development of Yongcheng Electrolytic Aluminum Industrial Park. Making use of idle assets such as land, plant and equipment after the replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, as well as convenient conditions such as electric power and heating, we will vigorously introduce the cooperation of high-tax, high-tech and high-growth high-quality enterprises. focus on the development of new energy, environmental protection, intelligent equipment, medical pension and other low energy consumption, high value-added new industries and new projects. "it is also necessary to speed up the construction of the Yunnan Shenhuo green hydropower and aluminum integration project, which is expected to complete the construction of 900000 tons of hydropower and aluminum projects by the end of this year and reach production capacity of 900000 tons in the first quarter of next year. He said. It is understood that Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum Industry is currently one of the largest electrolytic aluminum manufacturing enterprises in southwest China, and it is a project for Yunnan Province to make use of rich hydropower resources to create a "green energy card" to implement the national electrolytic aluminum production capacity replacement and transfer policy. it is also a leading enterprise in Wenshan Prefecture.

A few days ago, the Guide to the Construction of Intelligent factories (Mines) in the Nonferrous Metals Industry (for trial implementation) was released, pointing out that it is necessary to promote the application of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, edge computing, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technologies in non-ferrous enterprises in the future. it is stipulated that enterprises should promote the key work of information security, production safety and environmental protection that the industry pays close attention to in the process of intelligent manufacturing.

Li Wei told reporters that Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum and China Mobile Yunnan and other manufacturers have reached a cooperation intention to build Yunnan's first 5G+MEC (edge computing) smart factory in Wenshan in June. As the basic platform of factory informatization, MEC Edge Cloud is like the "intelligent brain" of Shenhuo Park in the future, which controls and stores all kinds of systems and production data of the factory, so as to achieve the goal of improving enterprise production efficiency and reducing enterprise operating costs.

In the future, Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. will work with China Mobile to complete the operation of new technologies in intelligent factories, such as MEC edge cloud, intelligent network system, video surveillance system, emergency command management system, video conference system, campus networking, data center computer room, etc., and realize ubiquitous connection through 5G network to achieve highly reliable and low-delay factory data management. To build a traditional industrial enterprise into a new 5G intelligent factory of green hydropower and aluminum with first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class management and first-class environment.

The intelligent application of Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum 5G Intelligent Factory highly follows the future development direction of the industry. The non-ferrous metal industry has the characteristics of many product varieties and specifications, small order batches, long production process, high product precision, frequent logistics scheduling and so on, so it needs to respond quickly to the requirements of the market and customers. therefore, enterprises should build a non-ferrous metal intelligent processing plant with stable quality, collaborative efficiency and fast response, which integrates flexible organization and production, product quality life cycle management and control, supply chain collaborative optimization and operation. For electrolytic aluminum enterprises, we should build a clean and environmentally friendly, high-quality, low-consumption, safe and efficient non-ferrous metal intelligent smelting plant with comprehensive integrated information management and control platform, real-time collaborative optimization intelligent production system and fine energy efficiency management and control.

At the two sessions this year, Li Wei brought "suggestions on further increasing the efforts to reduce fees and taxes to revitalize the real economy." He believes that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global economy is undergoing a severe test. Domestically, the downward pressure on the economy is still obvious, and investment and foreign trade indexes have all declined to varying degrees. As a result, the development of the real economy is still facing great difficulties. Although it is affected by multiple factors such as market factors and the relationship between supply and demand, the difficulties and challenges faced by the real economy are still directly related to the rising operating costs of enterprises, which are so high that they are unable to release their vitality. naturally, they do not have the ability to resist risks.

To this end, he suggested that, first, on the basis of the existing system, further reduce administrative fees, increase the amount of tax, and expand the scope of tax reduction; at the same time, it is necessary to supervise the substantive landing of the policy, effectively remove the "medium obstruction", and break through the "last kilometer" of the implementation of the policy of fee reduction and tax reduction. The second is to further reduce the base of social security contributions, reduce the proportion of social security units, and then reduce the labor costs of enterprises, so as to provide a source of driving force for the development of the real economy.

In addition, Li Wei also brought the "proposal on further broadening the scope of compulsory Education," bringing preschool education and secondary vocational education into the category of compulsory education, which can better stabilize social development and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation in the long run.

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