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No matter how far you go, you can't forget the road when you come-an interview with Zhang Hongwei, deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman of Dongyang.
May 23,2020
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM News: "in the post-epidemic era, we should pay more attention to the development of the real economy. When the manufacturing industry is stable, it can not only solve employment, but also promote consumption, so that the domestic economy can flow." After working in the manufacturing industry for many years, Zhang Hongwei, a deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman of Guangdong Dongyang Science and Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., is concerned about the development of the real economy: "at present, it is affected by the downward pressure of the economy." coupled with the squeeze of multiple factors such as Sino-US trade frictions, financial market fluctuations, deleveraging, and risk prevention, some private enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises are facing many difficulties. "

To this end, at the two sessions this year, Zhang Hongwei, centering on the topic of further reducing the tax burden of private enterprises and stimulating the vitality of enterprises, put forward suggestions on further adjusting the VAT tax rate structure, promoting the reform of the enterprise income tax system, and implementing the preferential tax rate policy for individual shareholders to receive dividends from unlisted companies.

He explained: first, further adjust the VAT tax rate structure. The combined tax rate will be changed from three to two, and the highest tax rate of 13% will be combined with the current intermediate tax rate of 9% into one. Thus, on the one hand, it can further reduce the tax burden of manufacturing enterprises, on the other hand, it can reduce the distorting effect of multi-level tax rates on the operation of the market. Second, promote the reform of the enterprise income tax system. Reduce the benchmark corporate income tax rate, enhance the vitality of enterprises by reducing the corporate tax burden, and at the same time make enterprises more able to fully participate in international competition. Third, implement the preferential income tax rate policy for individual shareholders to receive dividends from non-listed companies. According to the personal income tax Law, personal income tax on income from interest, dividends and dividends shall be taxed at a proportional tax rate of 20%. On the other hand, the dividends received by individual shareholders from listed companies can be halved. Therefore, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of individuals to set up industries, it is suggested that individual shareholders should also be levied by halving their dividends from non-listed companies.

As a deputy to the National people's Congress, Zhang Hongwei is well aware of his responsibilities. In order to be able to put forward high-quality proposals in a professional and targeted manner, in the course of performing his duties over the past three years, Zhang Hongwei paid attention to listening to and collecting the voices and public opinions of the people in his daily work, and actively participated in the special research activities organized by the provincial and municipal people's congresses. In the activities organized and carried out by the provincial and municipal federations of industry and commerce, such as the enterprise "ten thousand enterprises to help ten thousand villages" and the research and development of deputies to the National people's Congress, they conscientiously performed various social responsibilities and offered suggestions.

As a representative, Zhang Hongwei performed his duties and did his duty. In managing enterprises, he also has his own experience: "actively respond to the call of the state, insist that innovation is the first driving force, and talents are the first resource, and constantly promote product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and system innovation." continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and innovation, speed up the transformation, upgrading, development and growth of enterprises, courageously scale heights in the process of building a modern economic system, and contribute the due strength of private enterprises. "

Dongguang settled in Ruyuan, Guangdong in 1998, and has now built three major industrial clusters: electronic materials, medicine and health. Electronic materials industry has certain advantages, corrosion into foil production technology is domestic leading, international first-class; pharmaceutical industry accumulates abruptly; health industry is speeding up the layout.

At present, the "new infrastructure" is surging, and the waves of digital economy and industrial digitization are emerging one after another. Zhang Hongwei sees a major historical opportunity for the advent of the "new infrastructure" era, and enterprises with core competitiveness such as forward-looking R & D layout and sound industrial chain will get more development opportunities.

Zhang Hongwei said that Dongyang's aluminum electrolytic capacitors, soft magnetic materials, lithium-ion battery materials, high-performance electrode materials and other products are widely used in the "new infrastructure".

Dongyang Guang is an important supplier of key materials and components in the electronics industry, especially the electrode foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with the largest production capacity in the world and leading technology in China. Compared with international well-known enterprises in technology, it also belongs to the first echelon. In the future, "new infrastructure" projects such as 5G base stations, charging piles for new energy vehicles, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit will have a great demand for high voltage and large capacitors. At present, the world's high-end high-voltage large capacitor of the key material electrode foil, East Sunshine has occupied most of the market share, East Sunshine unique material advantages, has established a good reputation in this field.

In terms of soft magnetic materials, the series of magnetic cores with high permeability, high frequency, low loss and high magnetic induction intensity developed by Dongyang have been applied in 5G base stations, electric vehicles and industrial Internet; in terms of lithium-ion battery materials, Dongyang currently has 5000 tons of lithium iron phosphate and 5000 tons of high-nickel ternary lithium-ion battery cathode materials, which are in the forefront of the industry in terms of product capacity and cycle performance.

"the upgrading and reconstruction of the industry by intelligence and informatization will greatly improve the labor efficiency of the manufacturing industry, ensure product quality, reduce various costs, and improve the competitive advantage of products. The application of 5G and big data to realize the intelligent and information transformation of the industry is an important and established task for Dongyang in 2020," Zhang Hongwei told reporters. At present, The company will work with information suppliers on how to achieve intelligence and information in various industries to develop a specific implementation plan. In addition, the company also joins hands with big data enterprises to apply artificial intelligence technology to improve their activities and enhance their technological innovation capabilities.

No matter how far you go, you can't forget the road when you come, and Dongguang will never forget the responsibility and mission of the enterprise. In the face of the sudden new crown epidemic, Dongyang actively devoted himself to the fight against the epidemic on the one hand and returned to work and production on the other. Shortly after the outbreak of the epidemic, Dongyang gave full play to the leading role of benchmark enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry, responded quickly, and took action around ensuring the normal supply of prevention and control materials, efficient donation of love, and popular science war epidemic propaganda, to mobilize the productivity of many bases and make every effort to ensure a stable supply for the fight against the epidemic.

Ruyuan, Guangdong, where the company is located, is located in the economically underdeveloped mountainous area, where Dongyang ploughs deeply. In more than 20 years, it has rejuvenated the once poor and backward mountainous areas and become "a typical example of a living mountain area with one factory".

Zhang Hongwei told reporters that since settling in Ruyuan for more than 20 years, the company has recruited a large number of local workers from Ruyuan. At present, 85% of the company's nearly 7000 employees are local breast milk. The company attaches great importance to employee welfare, and takes the lead in becoming the first private enterprise in Shaoguan area to participate in insurance and purchase housing provident fund, and directly promotes Ruyuan social security to become the only surplus county (district) in Shaoguan counties (districts). The company's employees' wages and benefits have been leading the private enterprises in the county, and the average monthly salary of employees is 200 yuan higher than the average level of the same industry. By absorbing a large number of local labor force and poor people's employment, and raising wages year by year, it has effectively promoted the employment of local people and led to an increase in the income of poor households. poor households with working ability can basically achieve stable poverty alleviation as long as there are two people in the family who work in Dongyang.

The company's development in Ruyuan has led to the development of various social undertakings in Ruyuan. The first is to drive the linkage of upstream and downstream industries. The joint development of Dongyang Pharmaceutical, Electronic Materials, Fluoro-chlorine Materials, New Energy and Health plates has greatly promoted the industrial investment of Milk Source. Yongyong, Lingyi, Shuocheng and other enterprises have settled in Ruyuan, realizing the development of industrial clusters. The way of cluster development of diversified industries with Dongyang characteristics has effectively promoted the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The second is to promote local investment. The listed company East Sunshine moved to Ruyuan in 2008 and became the only listed enterprise on the main board of Shaoguan county economy. through the financing platform of listed companies, it attracted more capital into Ruyuan, and at the same time introduced advanced and standardized management ideas. promoting Ruyuan other enterprises to improve their management level has important demonstration benefits for Ruyuan and even Shaoguan to attract capital. The third is to attract talents to settle in Ruyuan. East Sunshine Company has successively won a Chinese famous brand, two Chinese well-known trademarks, a postdoctoral research station, an academician workstation, a national enterprise technology center, and a Guangdong provincial government quality award. These honors and achievements have created the first in Shaoguan and greatly enhanced the attractiveness of Ruyuan to high-end talents.

"2020 is the decisive year of the decisive battle against poverty, and we should carry forward the anti-epidemic spirit of" United as one, United as one "," precise prevention and control, meticulous treatment "and" difficulties on one side and support from all sides ", so as to make new contributions to poverty alleviation." Zhang Hongwei said.

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