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The emission door and Volkswagen paid another 70 million yuan to keep the executives.
May 21,2020
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SMM: due to the "emission gate" incident, German inspectors have sued Herbert Deiss (Herbert Diess), chief executive of Volkswagen Group, and Pan Shi (Hans Dieter Poetsch), chairman of the supervisory board, that they failed to disclose relevant information to investors in a timely manner after the "emission gate" incident, suspected of manipulating the market. According to reports, a few days ago, Volkswagen Group agreed to pay 9 million euros (about 69.9302 million yuan) to reach a settlement with German prosecutors.

In a statement, Volkswagen Group said that when the "emission gate" appeared in 2015, Deiss and Pan served as the chief financial officers of Volkswagen brand CEO and Panshi respectively. They did not break any laws or violate the responsibilities entrusted to them by Volkswagen Group, and the legal responsibility should not be borne by them, so Volkswagen chose to pay the fine.

It is understood that Deiss only officially joined Volkswagen in July 2015, and the "emission gate" broke out in September 2015, in which he is indeed somewhat innocent. It was precisely because of the belief that it was "innocent" that Volkswagen Group finally put Dees at the helm in order to quickly eliminate the adverse effects of the "emission gate" and maintain the stability of the senior management team. after all, since the outbreak of the incident, Oliver Schmidt (Oliver Schmidt), former North American executive of Volkswagen Group, Wolfgang Hartz (Wolfgang Hatz), former engine development director of Volkswagen brand, and Georg Kner (Joerg Kerner);, former director of Porsche powertrain. Executives such as Rupert Steed (Rupert Standler), a former Audi CEO, have been jailed, and the company can no longer stand the hassle.

After officially taking the helm of Volkswagen Group, Deiss's work really did not disappoint the outside world. The iron fist CEO planned a series of vigorous electric offensives, not only launched pure electric models such as Volkswagen ID.3, Volkswagen ID.4, Taycan, Audi e-tron, but also announced the opening of the MEB platform to third parties, and successfully attracted Ford and other enterprises to use the platform. At present, the overall image of Volkswagen Group has gradually shifted to electrification, and consumers might have gradually forgotten the "emission gate" had it not been for the global lawsuits over the "emission gate".

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